Jessi Secretly Helped Yeji ITZY Enter JYP Entertainment, How Come?


While Jessi Got To Know The Members More During This Episode Of ‘Jessi Showterview With Jessi’, One Of The Directors Pointed Out That Yeji’s Career At JYP Is Related To Jessi.

Since debuting in 2019, ITZY has taken over K-Pop with their performances, stunning visuals, and captivating charisma. Who would have thought that Yeji’s debut as an ITZY member turned out to be related to Jessica HO or Jessi.

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After releasing their song “DALLA DALLA,” ITZY quickly gained worldwide love and was even called Monster Rookie because of their success and talent. However, it was a long journey for the members to get to where they are now.

The ITZY members appeared as the newest guest stars on the “Jessi Showterview With Jessi” program. While Jessi got to know the members more during this episode, one of the directors pointed out that Yeji’s career at JYP was related to Jessi.

Although Jessi looked surprised, Yeji added, “I danced to your song when I auditioned for JYP.” Yeji explained that during the audition, she had danced to Jessi’s song, “SSENNUNI.” Even though he didn’t pass the next audition, it was the thing that helped him make the first move.

As expected, Jessi couldn’t have Yeji there without seeing the dance that had helped her earn her place at JYP Entertainment. However, even though Yeji looked worried she wouldn’t remember it, her body seemed to remember everything when the music started.

Even though Yeji pointed out that her dance teacher had changed some of the choreography, Jessi still couldn’t hide her excitement and pride. If that wasn’t enough, Yeji made fans melt after explaining that it was all because of Jessi that she passed the audition.

Anyway, basically I won with your song. It was your song that helped me join JYP. I’m very honored to see you in this building, said Yeji.

Jessi Cuek Akui Nggak Nurut Sama Bos, Ogah Disuruh Psy Tutupi 'Aurat'

Jessi Cuek Admits That She Doesn’t Obey Her Boss, Refuses To Be Told By Psy To Cover Her ‘sexy’

In The Latest Episode Of ‘SNL Korea,’ Jessi Openly Said That She Did Not Obey Psy Who Was The Boss Of Her Agency, Especially Regarding Clothes.

Jessica Ho or who is familiarly called Jessi talked about her recent interaction with Psy . Jessi openly said that she did not obey the boss of her agency, especially the clothing issue.

As chairman of P Nation, Psy has close relationships with his label’s artists, including Jessi. As the host of the September 18 episode of ” SNL Korea “, Jessi brought some fun episodes during her interview with Shin Dong Yup .

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When asked if she listens to her CEO well, Jessi replied nonchalantly, No. For example, (Psy) told me to cover myself a little every time I wore revealing clothes, but I said ‘No.

Saying, “No,” Jessi took off her jacket and threw it away, revealing her sexy body. Jessi’s action inevitably made the crowd go wild in the studio.

Jessi also shared that some people were “worried” about her character on “SNL Korea.” But he responded, “Don’t you know that I’m the kind of person who does something if someone tells me not to do it?”

Jessi’s “SNL Korea” is broadcast via Coupang Play at 10 p.m. KST. This event also collaborates with names such as Cha Chung Hwa , Red Velvet’s Wendy , Kwon Hyuk Soo , Ahn Young Mi to Jung Sang Hoon .

Jessi joined P Nation in January 2019. Jessi is also a regular member of the variety show ” The Sixth Sense ” alongside Yoo Jae Seok , Oh Na Ra , Jeon So Min , Lovelyz’s Mijoo and Lee Sang Yeob . Jessi often teases Lee Sang Yeob and viewers love their cute interactions.