Jesse Lingard is rumored to be leaving, Solskjaer: He is an important player for Manchester United!


Manchester United manager , Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commented on the speculation about the future of Jesse Lingard . He emphasized that the playmaker has a very important role in the Manchester United squad.

The 28-year-old is now entering his final year at Manchester United. The midfielder could leave the Red Devils as a free agent in 2022.

Manchester United have tried to keep the playmaker. But the latest news circulating says that Lingard has rejected the MU offer and will withdraw in 2022.

Solskjaer insists that Lingard is still an important part of his team. “Jesse has been training really hard,” Solskjaer told the Manchester Evening News.

Crucial Player
Solskjaer admitted that he did not really understand the process of negotiating Lingard’s new contract. But he confirmed that the playmaker was still in his plans until the end of this season.

“Jesse has been training very well so far, and he is ready to play. It is true that he is disappointed that he has not played as much as he would like.”

But Jesse is an important part of this team, and he always provides good quality for us.”

Can You Understand?
Solskjaer can understand if Lingard wants to leave Manchester United due to his minimal playing hours. But he praised Lingard because the player continues to train professionally and always gives the best for his team.

“Every player always wants to play as much as possible, so does Jesse and my players. They work really hard and they have a great attitude whenever I need them.”

“Jesse has played well when we needed his strength. One thing I can say is Jesse will be involved in the games to come,” he said.

Become a starter
According to rumors circulating, Lingard will be a starter this weekend. He will be played from the start against Watford.

Solskjaer is planning to do a lot of rotations because of the busy schedule that United will go through. So Lingard and other players who have had less playing time will be involved a lot.

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Compete with Barcelona, ​​AC Milan are also interested in signing Jesse Lingard

Barcelona’s move to get Jesse Lingard’s services will not go smoothly. Clubs Serie A , AC Milan reportedly interested woo playmaker Manchester United it.

Lingard is currently on the verge of exiting Manchester United. The player is reportedly not going to renew his contract which runs out in the summer of next year.

So far there are several top European clubs who are interested in securing his services. One of them is the Spanish giants, Barcelona.

ESPN claims that Barcelona will not be easy to get Lingard’s services. Because the playmaker is reportedly also the target of AC Milan.

Substitute for Calhanoglu
According to the report, Milan are very serious about signing Lingard. This is because they projected him as a replacement for Hakan Calhanoglu.

The Rossonerri left the playmaker to Inter Milan last summer. So far Milan still has no replacement for the Turkish national team player.

Stefano Pioli reportedly fell in love with Lingard’s appearance. He thinks Lingard can be the perfect replacement for Calhanoglu.

Start Approach
The report claims that AC Milan are really serious about getting Lingard’s services. They began to move to secure the services of the striker.

They had contacted Lingard’s agent. They started offering the playmaker to join their team.

Lingard’s own party is currently still studying the offer from AC Milan. They also have not made a decision because there are many offers that come in for them.

For Sale
Reports are circulating claiming that Milan could get Lingard sooner. Because Manchester United are reportedly ready to sell the player in January 2022.

The transfer fee is also quite economical. The Rossonerri can secure the player for a fee of just £10 million.