Jeon Yeo Bin Targeted to Star in Harbin Movie with Hyun Bin

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Hyun Bin some time ago was confirmed to be making a big screen comeback by starring in the film Harbin. Now, a number of actors are being targeted to star in the same project.

Reported by a number of South Korean media, Jeon Yeo Bin was targeted to star in the film Harbin with Park Jung Min. Regarding this news, the management said that there was still no confirmation from the actress.

“We are currently still reviewing the script for the film Harbin positively,” said Management mmm.

On the other hand, SEM Company, as Park Jung Min’s management, also gave the same information. It is still in the stage of reviewing the script further.

Harbin is known to be a spy action film set in the early 1900s. Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province, China’s northernmost region.

This film will tell the story of Korean independent activists who are willing to risk their lives to take back their homeland. Late 2021, Hyun Bin is confirmed to star in this film.

Harbin is directed by Woo Min Ho, who previously had success through Inside Men, The Drug King, and The Man Standing Next.

Meanwhile, Jeon Yeo Bin is currently filming the movie Spiderweb with Song Kang Ho, Im Soo Jung, Oh Jung Se, and Krystal. He is also confirmed to star in the Korean adaptation of Some Day or One Day with Ahn Hyo Seop and Kang Hoon.

Park Jung Min’s last work was through the Hellbound series. He was recently confirmed to star in the drama Money Game with Ryu Jun Yeol and IU.

Harbin will start filming this year.