Jeon Somi Opens Up About Moving From JYP, Admits She Doesn’t Regret This Reason

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Recently, Jeon Somi Revealed Her Reason For Leaving JYP Entertainment And Joining The Black Label And Praised Her Current Agency.

Jeon Somi revealed her reason for leaving JYP Entertainment and joining The Black Label for a solo debut. The former IOI personnel talked about what made him decide to move to a new company.

On November 5, YouTube channel Studio Waffle released a video titled Jeon Somi would rather leave Turkey than leave JYP. In the released video, host Lee Yong Jin asks, You were at JYP then left, right?

To this question, Jeon Somi replied, This is the first time I’ve received this question. It seems that people are careful, so they don’t ask me anything. Just ask me.

Lee Yong Jin then made a small joke by saying, I heard people started writing malicious comments about JYP since you left the company.

After hearing that, Somi said, I think after my activities with IOI ended, I didn’t have a schedule for a long time. Somehow I ended up at YG.

After that, Lee Yongjin asked, “Do you regret it?” Somi gave an interesting answer. “Absolutely not. My current company is very good. I like it 100 percent. That’s at my highest level of satisfaction.”

You even joined ‘Unnies’ (the project group formed on the show ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk’) but ended up being a soloist. I want to know why. .

Jeon Somi shared, After leaving my old company, I came to a new company, and I was the only artist there. I think that’s why I naturally became a solo singer.

Meanwhile, Jeon Somi ended her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment in August 2018. She signed with The Black Label under YG Entertainment, then debuted as a solo singer in 2019.


Jeon Somi Excited To Live Filming With His Father In The ‘XOXO’ MV, Fans Even Focus On The Uniform Name

After Being Shocked By The Cameo Of Matthew Douma Who Is The Father Of Jeon Somi In The ‘XOXO’ Music Video, Now The Solo Singer Is Again Inviting Laughter From His Fans.

After Jeon Somi’s music video “XOXO” was released, her fans automatically focused on the cameo presence of Matthew Douma who is the father of this solo singer. Seeing this harmonious togetherness, fans can’t stop commenting on this.

On Wednesday (3/11), Jeon Somi uploaded several behind-the-scenes photos from the making of her music video via her personal Instagram. In the photo, it was revealed that it was his father who played the sheriff character in the music video after fans were made curious about the truth.

Police officer Matthew Douma (My father!!!!!) Thank you for showing up. It was a very pleasant experience filming a music video with you, you look badass. I love you. I love you, said Jeon. Somi in the photo caption.

In the photos, Jeon Somi shows moments of happiness because she is with her father on the set of her own music video. So it’s not surprising that his fans praise the harmonious interaction of this father and son.

However, what made his fans fail to focus again was the name printed on Matthew Douma’s uniform. After being photographed up close, it turns out that the sheriff in the “XOXO” music video has a name similar to Hollywood actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt .

“Somi’s father is joking,” commented the fan. “After I looked closely, he used the name Joseph Gordon Levitt. I laughed knowing this,” another netizen commented.

This is not the first time Jeon Somi has shown her closeness to her father in public. Jeon Somi often shares moments of togetherness with her father for some time.

It is known that Matthew Douma has also appeared in the drama ” Descendants of the Sun ” and appeared in one frame with the main character, Song Joong Ki . Even because of this latest fact, many immediately got excited and praised Matthew Douma commendably.

Meanwhile, Jeon Somi has released her first full-length album “XOXO” since her solo debut. With the title song of the same title as the album, Jeon Somi achieved an impressive ranking of 3rd on the Top 10 Global Debut Albums chart through the global streaming music platform Spotify.