Jeon Somi admits she got ‘celebrity disease’ when she debuted with IOI


Talented soloist, Somi “>Jeon Somi admitted that she had ‘celebrity disease’. In her interview with MMTG, Somi admitted that she contracted ‘celebrity disease’ after debuting with the group IOI . ‘Celebrity disease’ itself is a term used to describe the situation in the world. where a person feels arrogant and does not appreciate the attention and fame received.

The same thing has happened to several idols, such as Lee Jin Hyuk, Kang Seung Yoon, 2 PM , to Lee Jon.

“I got celebrity sickness after debuting with IOI . I think every artist has experienced this, at least once. You will get used to the idea that you are always served by others. I always thought that I should look perfect without a single day off for 365 days in a year. So I guess it’s natural for someone else to serve me. I didn’t realize at the time that there was a difference between asking for help and saying ‘Do this for me.’ I think I unconsciously behaved like that,” he said .

Somi admits that there are many rumors that develop among public figures.

“When debuting, there were rumors that developed at least once. Regardless of the truth, there was at least one rumor like ‘Oh, he doesn’t bend down’ that was widely circulated.”

Now, Somi feels that she has been ‘cured’ from the disease. “I’m a taekwondo person, a martial artist. So when I realized, ‘Have I lost my mind enough to act like that? My mind is enlightened.”