Jeon So Min’s Image Is Assessed To Change After Becoming An Actor In ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’, Like What?


After Starring In ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’, Jeon So Min Received Positive Reviews For Her Acting As A Complex Character. The Image Of The Actress Is Also Considered To Have Changed.

Jeon So Min has just finished starring in the Channel A drama, ” Show Window: Queen’s House ” as an actor. In this drama, the actress competes with Song Yoon Ah , Lee Sung Jae and Chansung 2PM .

“Show Window: Queen’s House” has attracted attention with the appearance of actors that can be called an “acting competition”. On the last episode Tuesday (18/1), this drama managed to break the 2-digit rating at 10.3 percent based on the Nielsen Korea report . That number increased 2 percent from the previous episode.

A makjang drama, “Show Window: Queen’s House” tells the story of Han Sun Joo (Song Yoon Ah) who accidentally pushes another woman to have an affair with her husband. Her husband, Shin Myung Seob (Lee Sung Jae) has an affair with Yoon Mi Ra (Jeon So Min). Unexpectedly, Yoon Mi Ra is also in contact with Han Sun Joo’s younger brother, Han Jung Won (Chansung).

Jeon So Min’s acting in “Show Window: Queen’s House” received interesting reviews from a local media. According to Export News , Jeon So Min is said to have stood out the most by playing Yoon Mi Ra where she has lost her cool through her affair.

Yoon Mi Ra fell in love with Shin Myung Seob after the death of her parents. After being together for a year, he approached the families of Shin Myung Seob and Han Sun Joo. Then he got engaged to Han Jung Won. Jeon So Min portrays the character Yoon Mira with colorful expressions and eyes.

In particular, Yoon Mi Ra regrets deeply after being stabbed by Shin Myung Seob. Then in the last episode, he apologized to Han Sun Joo and solved their problem. Jeon So Min’s changes when playing two different phases of Yoon Mi Ra also invite admiration through her expressions and eyes.

So far, Jeon Seo Min is known for his strong image as an entertainer with a cheerful personality in ” Running Man ” and ” The Sixth Sense “. Because she often appears on variety shows every week, her image as an entertainer is stronger than that of an actress. But “Show Window: Queen’s House” has strengthened the image as an actress who dares to take challenges.

Instead of taking on a romantic comedy that harmonizes with her sweet image on variety shows, Jeon So Min is getting a lot of praise for her complicated character. Even viewers think the actress should receive an award for her acting in “Show Window: Queen’s House”.

Meanwhile, “Show Window: Queen’s House” ended with the highest ratings during its broadcast. In three consecutive episodes this drama broke its personal viewer rating.

Jeon So Min Is Intoxicated By The Love Of Another’s Husband, The ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’ Team Gives Exorbitant Praise

Recently, Channel A Shared A Photo Of The Scene Where Jeon So Min Is Having An Affair With Someone’s Husband In The Upcoming Drama. The Production Team Of ‘Show WIndow: Queen’s House’ Put It This Way.

Jeon So Min has been attracting attention for her role in the upcoming ” Show Window: Queen’s House “. Unlike the sweet and cute image known to the public, this time the actress showed a drastic transformation as someone’s husband grabber.

“Show Window: Queen’s House” tells the story of the perfect wife Han Sun Joo ( Song Yoon Ah ) who accidentally encourages a woman and her husband’s affair. As a result, Shin Myung Seob ( Lee Sung Jae ) has an affair with Yoon Mi Ra (Jeon So Min).

On Tuesday (11/23), Channel A released several new stills of “Show Window: Queen’s House”. The photos show Shin Myung Seob and Yoon Mi Ra’s affection behind Han Sun Joo’s back.

If before, hotter videos have already been shared. This time, the production team gave the audience a chance to see more clearly about Shin Myung Seob and Yoon Mi Ra’s dangerous relationship. They were seen hugging in a hotel room.

Many were surprised to see Jeon So Min’s transformation in this drama. The actress seems to have let go of the cute and cheerful character that is commonly seen on variety shows such as ” Running Man ” or ” The Sixth Sense “. Having received much love for her image, viewers are increasingly curious how the actress will appear differently on the small screen.

Not only anticipated by viewers, the production team also couldn’t wait to show Jeon So Min’s appearance as Yoon Mi Ra who was intoxicated with love. In addition, the production team also gave exorbitant praise for the actress.

Jeon So Min has displayed outstanding acting depicting Yoon Mi Ra’s love. Please look forward to her appearance and acting skills that will show the various emotions that Lee Sung Jae and Jeon So Min will face in the war and battle of the dangerous love they share. explained the production team.

Meanwhile, “Show Window: Queen’s House” will premiere on November 29 at 22:30 local time. Don’t miss watching it.