Jennie BLACKPINK’s Cute Sexy Style Which Was Previously Attached To Her Image Is Now Slowly Starting To Show A ‘Rebellion’ Which Is Bolder Than Before


It’s been 6 years since BLACK PINK debuted, every member has gone through a big change in their style. Especially for Jennie who has a style that leans towards a more Western nuance so that her popularity as a K-Pop idol has caused mixed reactions among Korean netizens.

As BLACKPINK has grown, Jennie’s changes in fashion and make-up have caused heated debates on Korean online forums where netizens pointed out that Jennie grew up to be more American westernized and a bit rebellious through her appearance. Jennie’s growth itself is quite drastic gradually:

When she first debuted with BLACKPINK, Jennie embraced a sexy and cute style followed by her home country’s natural makeup style which received praise from Korean netizens. Even in her appearance at the airport, Jennie looks simple with a big tee, baggy pants, or a casual crop top. Her fashion sense has always been praised in Korea.

However, as Jennie’s popularity grows internationally, she has also become a darling of the fashion world around the world and frequently travels overseas to Europe and America to attend fashion events. In fact it affects the image of his style which is loved by Korean netizens.

As a result, changes in style such as fashion, make-up to the pose when taking Jennie’s typical photo began to change. Instead of a sweeter Korean tone, Jennie switched to smokey and bolder makeup. Her outfit also became even more rebellious with adventurous cutouts that accentuated her physique:

While it’s clear that Jennie has gone through changes in her style over the years, big stars like Jennie need to take some risks in fashion. Although some of her appearances have drawn criticism, Jennie remains undeniably a trendsetter and a unique and attractive fashion icon.

Coupled with her solo activities often visiting the United States, Jennie shows how she blends in as an idol who enters the international realm with Western artists. This is evidenced by how often Jennie goes with American musicians, even if it’s just hanging out, or even collaborating together.