Jennie (BLACKPINK) was threatened by hackers to talk about dating V, Rosé revealed a secret that has never been made public?


Despite the hacker constantly blatantly challenging to harass Jennie , the BLACKPINK members don’t seem to care and focus on their schedule. In it, Rosé drew attention when revealing a secret that had never been made public.

The fact that YG did not speak out about the dating rumors made this hacker even more blatantly harassing Jennie. Hacker gurumiharibo seems to be going too far in invading Jennie’s privacy. From the photos she took with V (BTS), this hacker also obtained sensitive photos and videos .

In addition, another hacker appeared, claiming to be the one who wanted to stop the actions of gurumiharibo named twocanplay. Despite saying that, twocanplay is no less than when it leaked a series of sexy photos of Jennie, and at the same time brought along many other celebrities involved.

On September 29, V’s management company (BTS) – Big Hit Music (under HYBE) announced that it is collecting evidence to sue those who spread false rumors about BTS. Many people believe that the name Big Hit mentioned is gurumiharibo, but this hacker proved to be unharmed. This hacker claims that up to this point he has not received a notice from the court and is ready to confront Big Hit about the rumors if required .

While Big Hit spoke up, YG Entertainment has yet to take any specific action regarding Jennie’s dating rumors. The silence of the company and of Jennie herself seems to have angered gurumiharibo. At dawn on October 1, this hacker sent a message via Telegram: “And to all those who believe in the truth who have been and are or will be in Paris in the following days: You can contact me, because a lot of my supporters are planning something to make JENNIE break her silence! It’s time to confront her! Thank you!

Jennie is about to depart for Paris for Fashion Week and if it is as gurumiharibo announces, she will face a huge threat. Fans are now very worried about Jennie because she used to be scared when surrounded by cameras or crowds.

However, contrary to fans’ worries, the BLACKPINK members seem to not care much about these noises and are extremely happy enjoying their schedule after a long hiatus. 4 beautiful girls recently had successful business trips abroad in the framework of Paris Fashion Week and together had an interview with SiriusXM. Here, 4 YG’s pet chickens shared interesting stories about stories that have never been made public before.

In it, member Rosé became the focus of attention when revealing one of her secrets. With many years of experience standing on stages big and small since debut, each Blackpink member has their own rituals before performing or attending events.

Rosé revealed in the past, the Blackpink member tried fasting before having any activities but quickly accepted the consequences of letting herself go hungry. Then Rosé decided to always have to be full to have enough energy for a busy day: “I tried not to eat anything before attending the event, and I couldn’t do anything for 2 hours after. there. Couldn’t even continue working. It simply doesn’t have the strength, and I need it. So, I definitely have to eat.”

“I always have to have a full meal, and I have to style a lot. It would be great if it was a meal, because I like the feeling of filling my stomach, I just need a full meal, anything is fine. I simply want to fill my stomach,” – BLACKPINK’s main vocalist shared.

Besides, Jennie also attracted attention when revealing that Blackpink is tired of “living” on social networks ? Specifically when receiving the question: “Do you ever get tired of always updating everything and appearing constantly on social networks?”. Jennie said that having a life focusing only on social networks is “very difficult”, the singer wants to be able to balance between the life of a star and her own life.

This answer of Jennie received a lot of attention because the singer was said to have been hacked into her private account by hackers and since then publicly released dating images. Soon after, Jennie’s private account was rearranged by her, her ‘follow’ list used to have 120 people, has now become 0. Many fans believe that this move of Jennie Jennie seems to be the result of the suffering and pressure she has been under in the past because of the photo leak incident that is said to be dating V.