Jennie (Blackpink) was sold out by “relatives”, Jisoo suffered from the virus, preparing to reveal shocking private photos

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Korean media reported that a hacker had hacked into Blackpink members’ accounts when many pictures were spread out. In it, Jisoo is said to be the next member after Jennie whose privacy is violated.

In the past few days, the account named Gurumi Haribo continues to post private photos, confirming the relationship above the peer level between Jennie (Blackpink) and V (BTS).

Recently, this person shared a photo of V and Jennie together. The photo only shows half of each artist’s face, but it’s still enough for fans to recognize. According to this source, the photo was taken during a date of two young stars at a luxury restaurant in Gyeonggi (Korea). This person also gave evidence that the artist’s personal images were taken and posted separately before.

The love relationship between the two top Korean idol stars has received the attention of fans since last August when an account released pictures allegedly of Jennie and V on vacation in Jeju Island (Korea). Quoc) in May 2022 on social networks.

In September, this person continued to release more private pictures of the Blackpink female singer and BTS’s hot boy to confirm that V and Jennie are indeed in a relationship. This makes Jennie’s fans worry, the female idol is being violently invaded her privacy.

In the latest post on Telegram, on September 28, user Gurumi Haribo shared an unpublished photo of Jisoo (a member of Blackpink) in Paris (France).

“I heard Jisoo is a know-it-all. She’s honest and kind. Jisoo has no relationship with Taehyung, but she can prove the truth. So, Jisoo, if you see the message hey, post that picture. This is a sign that you know about V and Jennie but can’t talk about it,” user Gurumiharibo wrote.

Just a few hours later, this image also appeared on Jisoo’s personal Instagram account. After Jisoo posted the photo, the hacker replied to netizens that what they wanted to convey was the truth.

Jisoo’s photo has never been posted on social media by the female idol. Therefore, the online community suspected the photo was really in Jisoo’s phone and Gurumiharibo managed to get it. Not excluding the possibility, Jisoo is the next victim of hackers after Jennie.

Earlier, the account named Gurumi Haribo stated that the motive for spreading Jennie and V’s private pictures was because of anger at the silence of the two stars and their management company. Up to now, the two top Korean idols have not spoken out about dating rumors or the release of private photos.

Many viewers suspect that the person who released the pictures of Jennie and Jisoo might be an employee of the entertainment group YG Entertainment, the management company of the Blackpink group. Some opinions also believe that the person who spreads the private image of the female idol may be someone who has a close relationship with a YG employee

This incident is causing outrage among the public and fans. They asked the two management companies, especially YG Entertainment, to take action to protect Jennie when the female idol’s private life was seriously violated.

The audience thinks that protecting the artist is more important than the authenticity of the dating rumors. So why is the entertainment company silent? Hankook Ilbo explained that YG Entertainment is in a dilemma.

In the past time, they kept silent instead of speaking out because this is a rather sensitive case, directly related to the personal lives of the artists as well as future activities. YG Entertainment is silent to try to prevent the information that the two stars are dating to continue to spread. If Jennie and V don’t date, the company will be criticized for negligence in business and artist management.

In the case of two group members BTS and BlackPink dating, the management companies do not easily admit it. The reason is that BTS and BlackPink are famous, active all over the world and have a large fan base. In this situation, from the perspective of the management company, they have to consider economic issues. It was a risky decision for the company to publicly admit the two stars were dating. The above reasons make YG Entertainment unable to speak up even when Jennie is constantly being leaked private photos.