Jean Alesi: “Ferrari F1-75 is a title. Mercedes needs a miracle”


For the title he only has a duel with Red Bull “A dream come true”, Jean Alesi surmised, right from the tests he observed from the track, that this could be a year of recovery for his Ferrari. “But until you go to qualifying there is always a bit of tension, you never know how much fuel your rivals have, now I can finally say: Mattia Binotto and his team have done a great job. sacrificing 2021, that’s no excuse, it really is.”

Jean, we are only in the first qualifiers of the year but it is possible to imagine that Ferrari fought it out with Max Verstappen.

“I have no doubts, as long as you hold on to the roof at the expense of because I’ve heard Red Bull ask for an update and also Mercedes is the wrong car. Impressive for its looks but wrong. This mast from Leclerc is a demonstration of Ferrari’s power, as it is not the result of the yellow flag, heads and tails. Here they are all at full speed, no one made a mistake and they are in front”.

Even Sainz who was in the second line: a good fight in the family was also promising.

“Sainz did Sainz, had a bit of trouble in free practice but then worked, collecting one by one, he came close and even took the lead in Q2. Carlos and Charles deserve 10 because they work well together and know how to do it work as a team. And indeed true for a team like Ferrari that has to rebuild. Leclerc is very fast on the flying lap, Sainz is very thorough in preparing for the race”.

What do you like most about the F1-75?

slow but most balanced anywhere”.

And what atmosphere do you breathe in the box?

“So relaxed that this morning before training, met Binotto, I asked him if he was taking sedatives, he was very relaxed, he is clearly very aware of the strength of the Ferrari team.”

Mercedes Chapter: do you think you can recover and fight for the championship?

“Not unless they go to Lourdes”.

Hamilton still gave Russell a second.

“But whoever thinks George can finish ahead of Hamilton is a dreamer, we are talking about a driver who has a winning record. And he is in very good shape. Anyway, I see Ferrari and Red Bull playing for that.”

Leclerc and Verstappen have given us some good duels in the past.

“And it will be worth the price of the ticket, it will be beautiful”.

Verstappen remains the clear leader of Red Bull even though Perez is in the second row, can this be an advantage in terms of the championship?

“Not at all, it’s a loss for me to have a slightly more difficult driver.”

Apart from making great cars, Ferrari also has great engines: until last year having Alfa and Haas in Q3 was a miracle!

But in this case I see a discordant note: an Italian rider is missing, because Giovinazzi would be able to do the job. from Magnussen (7th on the grid in back GP, ed)”.