Jason Momoa Makes Sure to Play Aquaman!


Jason Momoa has confirmed that he will continue to be the actor who plays the character Arthur Curry aka Aquaman in the DC Universe . Big changes are trying to be done by Warner Bros. against one of their subsidiaries, DC Film . Warner Bros. appointed James Gunn and Peter Safran to “reboot” the DC cinematic universe. This immediately brought a lot of commotion due to the controversy that arose.

One of the most talked about is how many actors ended up leaving DC Film and also many projects that had previously been prepared had to be cancelled. Jason Momoa is one of the actors who has been widely rumored to be leaving his role as Aquaman and reports are that he will be tapped for a new role in James Gunn ‘s cinematic universe .

Regarding the busyness of this issue, Jason Momoa tries to provide an answer. In an interview with Variety at the Sundance 2023 film festival, Momoa confirmed that he will continue to play Aquaman. Even so, he also mentioned that DC Film had prepared a new character that he would play for the new cinematic universe.

“ I will always be Aquaman. No one can come and seize it. There may be other characters too. I can play those other characters. I can be funny and violent and charming. ”

This answer from Jason Momoa is actually interesting because it is very multi-interpreted. The reason is, there are two possibilities that arise from that answer where the first is that Momoa is really being defended to play the role of Aquaman. Second, it could be just a rhetorical answer where Jason Momoa will always be “Aquaman” just like Henry Cavill who will always be considered Superman to fans.

Furthermore, the “funny and violent and charming” character referred to by Jason Momoa is none other than Lobo. Since late 2022, when WB was reeling from the big changes at DC Film, there have been rumors that Jason Momoa will be getting a new role as the anti-hero Lobo. The rumor also states that his character will appear in the new cinematic universe that has been prepared by James Gunn.

Fan reaction to these rumors has been mixed, although most have welcomed DC’s rumours. On the other hand, they are also very sorry about the news that Jason Momoa (who at that time) is reportedly no longer going to play Aquaman after the sequel film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which will be released in late 2023. However, we are finally getting clarity on this matter where Momoa will still play Aquaman while also playing another character, namely Lobo. Can Jason Momoa be able to play two characters at once? Let’s just wait, geeks, how will the news continue in the future.