Jason Momoa going to be a movie actor Fast and Furious 10


The Fast and Furious franchise is like unstoppable. Now the production of the 10th film is ready to be carried out. Reportedly Dune and Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa , was hooked for a bad guy role in this saga.

Quoted from The Hollywood Reporter, the role for Jason Momoa is still being kept strictly confidential. He is predicted to be offered the role of the villain and there has been no decision from the actor’s side whether this role will be accepted or not.

If Jason Momoa later accepts a role in Fast & Furios 10, he will most likely join the villain team Charlize Theron. In the Fast Saga, Charlize plays Cipher, who has caused chaos in the universe several times.

He could be working with the character John Cena who also plays the villain in the latest film. Whatever his role, of course the presence of Jason Momoa in this franchise will add to the list of stars that have been around for a long time.

“Finally, finally, finally shooting finished on the last day on the set of Aquaman 2,” wrote James Wan in the photo caption column.

In his writing, the director of The Conjuring also expressed his gratitude for all parties involved in the process of shooting this film.

He also explained that filming for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was mostly done in England.

“I still have a long time before the film is ready, but I can’t wait to share it with all of you!” he said.

In the photo, Patrick Wilson and Jason Momoa can be seen smiling broadly with a shower spraying water and drenching them. Behind him was James Wan with black glasses who also smiled.