Japan vs Vietnam National Team Results in 2022 World Cup Qualification: Park Hang-seo’s Troops Successfully Draw Blue Samurai


The Vietnam National Team (Timnas) was surprisingly able to hold off Japan 1-1 in the Asian Zone 2022 World Cup Qualification match on Tuesday (29/3/2022) night WIB. Playing at the Saitama Stadium, Japan, Vietnam even took the lead in the 19th minute and Japan was only able to equalize in the 54th minute through the action of Maya Yoshida.

The course of the match

First round

The Japanese national team dominated the game from the start of the match. Hajime Moriyasu’s team immediately stepped on the gas to threaten Tran Nguyen Manh’s goal through a massive attack.

This made the Vietnam national team fall up and down in anticipation of the wave of attacks implemented by the Blue Samurai – the nickname of the Japanese national team. However, no goals have been created until the game enters the 15th minute.

Entering the 15th minute, The Golden Star -the nickname of the Vietnam National Team – finally dared to get out of its defense.

Surprisingly, the attack was effective to tear the goal that was escorted by Miki Yamane. It was Nguyen Thanh Binh (19′) who managed to record his name on the scoreboard through his sweet flick.

Vietnam’s opening goal immediately angered the Japanese national team. It was observed, the Blue Samurai did not relax the attack after the goal was torn apart by The Golden Star.

However, unfortunately, of the 12 kicks that threatened Vietnam, none of them resulted in a goal. In the end, the first half was completed for the Vietnam national team’s advantage over Japan 1-0.

Second round

In the second half, Japan, who was left behind, immediately took the initiative to dominate the game. It was observed, they immediately launched an attack from the beginning of the match.

This attack variation is led by Takefusa Kubo. The Real Madrid star managed to become the main focus of the attack that was built by the Blue Samurai. However, they still couldn’t break through Ho Tan Tai’s defenses.

Entering the 50th minute, the Japanese national team did not want to give up to dismantle Vietnam’s defense. Finally, Maya Yoshida (54′) managed to break into Tran Nguyen Manh’s goal.

Yes, the Sampdoria player managed to take advantage of the vomit ball from his partner’s kick, the Japanese national team equalized the position at 1-1. After the goal, both teams were observed to reduce the tempo of the game.

In the end, the various opportunities that were created were not able to be utilized properly by both teams. The match between the Japan vs Vietnam national team ended in a 1-1 draw.

Japan vs Vietnam National Team Lineup:

Japan (4-3-3): Miki Yamane, Maya Yoshida, Shogo Taniguchi, Yuta Nakayama, Genki Haraguchi (Morita 61′), Gaku Shibasaki (Tanaka 61′), Reo Hatate (Ito 46′), Takefusa Kubo (Minamino 61′ ‘), Ayase Ueda, Kaoru Mitoma.

Coach: Hajime Moriyasu

Vietnam (5-4-1): Tran Nguyen Manh (Van Lam 90′), Ho Tan Tai, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Que Ngoc Hai, Nguyen Tanh Binh, Vu Van Thanh, Nguyen Quang Hai, Do Hung Dong, Nguyen Tuan Anh (Duc Chien 66′), Pham Tuan Hai, Nguyen Cong Phuong (Duc Chinh 58’).

Coach: Park Hang-seo

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