January, Raheem Sterling Follows Sergio Aguero to Barcelona?


The exodus of Manchester City players to Barcelona seems to be continuing. Raheem Sterling is reportedly ready to go to Catalunya in January 2022.

As is well known last summer, several Manchester City players decided to withdraw from the Etihad Stadium. There are various reasons why they pulled out of the EPL champion.

There are two City players who decided to withdraw to Barcelona. They are Sergio Aguero and Eric Gatcia who officially became El Blaugrana players.

Sport claims that Barcelona will have another City player in January. That player is Raheem Sterling.

Check out the Sterling transfer situation below.

set aside
According to the report, Sterling has long wanted to leave Manchester City.

The winger feels increasingly excluded from the Citizens squad. This is evident from the lack of playing hours given to him by Pep Guardiola.

That’s why Sterling began to seriously want to leave in January.

Ready to accommodate
The report claims that Barcelona are watching Sterling’s situation at City.

They have long been interested in signing Sterling. They think the winger can have a big impact on their attack line, which is left by Lionel Messi.

So Barcelona will reportedly try to lobby City to secure the winger’s services as a loan player in January.

Sacrifice a lot
Sterling must be prepared to sacrifice a lot if he wants to move to Barcelona.

The La Liga giants are experiencing financial difficulties so they can’t afford to pay his exorbitant salary.

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Regarding the issue of the dismissal of Ronald Koeman, Barcelona: Not Before!

Rumors of Barcelona sacking Ronald Koeman are unlikely to come true in the near future. El Blaugrana management chose to be patient with the Dutch manager.

The issue of Koeman’s dismissal just started this week. Rumors circulated after Barcelona lost 3-0 to Bayern Munich.

A number of media reported that Barcelona’s management was furious due to the defeat. So they plan to fire Koeman in the near future.

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Marca reported that the rumors were not true. Barcelona management did not want to fire Koeman too early.

Too early
According to the report, Barcelona’s management considers it too early to sack Koeman.

They considered it natural that Barcelona was unstable. Because they went through a big change this summer.

Apart from that they don’t think there is a good replacement for Koeman at the moment so they prefer to be patient with the manager.

Financial Factor
The report also claims that Barcelona will not sack Koeman due to financial problems.

Koeman’s contract expires at the end of the 2021/22 season. If he is sacked before that, Barcelona will have to pay around 12 million euros in compensation.

Barcelona itself is currently experiencing serious financial problems, so they can not pay the compensation.

Next Game
Barcelona is now trying to get up this weekend.

El Blaugrana will try to win against Granada.