January, Juventus Arrival This Belgian National Team Player


Clubs Serie A , Juventus reportedly wants to strengthen their team in January 2022 later. The Old Lady will reportedly sign Axel Witsel from Borussia Dortmund .

Starting this season, Juventus entered a new era. The Turin-based team was again handled by Massimiliano Allegri after they decided to part with Andrea Pirlo.

So far, Juventus’ performance under Allegri’s leadership has not been stable. As a result, Allegri wants to strengthen his team in the January transfer market.

According to Calciomercato , Juventus will try to bring in a new midfielder. The midfielder is the Belgian national team player, Axel Witsel.

Why are Juventus interested in signing Witsel? Read more below.

Old Goal
According to the report, Witsel is not a new target for Juventus. The midfielder has been on Allegri’s radar since last summer.

Allegri reportedly has a heavy crush on Witsel’s game. He considered the midfielder suited to the needs of the current Juventus squad.

That is why Allegri did not give up on signing the 32-year-old midfielder. He decided to pursue it again in January.

Big Chance
The report claims that the chances of Juventus to get Witsel are quite large. Because Borussia Dortmund are ready to sell the midfielder.

This is because Witsel’s contract will expire in the summer of 2022. So he can withdraw as a free agent at the end of the season.

Dortmund did not want to lose by releasing Witsel for free. They prefer to sell it in January.

Affordable prices
Juventus do not need to spend too much money to recruit Witsel. Because the midfielder has a fairly affordable price.

Borussia Dortmund are ready to let go of the player in the figure of 10 million Euros. So they are waiting for Juventus to fulfill their request.

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One Belgian Mistake That Shouldn’t Be Repeated When Meeting Italy

Belgium continues to face tests during the knockout stages of Euro 2020 . After getting rid of Portugal in the round of 16, now they have to meet Italy in the quarter-finals match on Saturday (3/7/2021) tomorrow.

Beating Portugal alone is hard enough for Roberto Martinez’s troops. As is known, Belgium could come out victorious thanks to Thorgan Hazard’s only goal in the 42nd minute.

Judging from the statistics, Belgium is less powerful than Cristiano Ronaldo et al. Just imagine, Portugal released as many as 23 shots during the match, four of which met the target.

Portugal should be able to pocket at least one goal if you see the number of shots that much. But in the end, luck is also a factor why a team can win.

Must Appear More Brave
The victory over Portugal provided a valuable lesson for Belgium, namely not to be afraid when facing big teams. If their guts shrunk, they would most likely be the team that packed their things first.

“It will be a battle and I think we have to be braver. Unlike in the last 20 minutes against Portugal, when we stopped playing,” said Belgian midfielder Axel Witsel.

“We can only survive at that time. We must not repeat the same mistakes,” continued the player who is currently strengthening one of the German giants, Borussia Dortmund.

Ready for Italy
Witsel is very ready to face Roberto Mancini’s troops, both mentally and physically. Unlike in the three previous Euro 2020 matches, where he was not physically ready because he had just recovered from a serious injury.

“I am very happy because I was able to play in three matches. Of course it was hard, because physically I was left behind,” said Witsel.

“The second day after the match was tough, but I can recover well. I feel ready to face Italy,” concluded the 32-year-old man.