Jamie Lee Curtis Adaptation of the Novel ‘Mother Nature’ into Film


Mother Nature‘ is about a teenage girl’s quest to find justice for her father’s death

An eco-horror graphic novel made into a film by Jamie Lee Curtis, tells of a young girl’s quest to uncover the mystery of the Cobalt Corporation.

Jamie Lee Curtis is rumored to be co-writing the script for the adaptation of the Titan Comics eco-horror graphic novel which will be released in the fall, November 15.

Titled ‘Mother Nature’, this graphic novel will be directed by Jamie Lee Curtis. He worked closely with director and writer Russell Goldman, and used the artistic talents of Karl Stevens to bring his characters to life. The film will be produced by Comet Pictures and Blumhouse Films.

Telling the story of a teenager named Nova Terrell, ‘Mother Nature’ is the harrowing tale of the quest she goes on to bring justice to those who caused her father’s death. Nova looks on in horror as her father is taken from her after the strange events that occur at the Cobalt Corporation. Determined to destroy the mask of a seemingly flawless company, Nova moves forward to tear it down brick by brick. However, the deeper he dives into the company’s mysteries, the more disturbing information he finds, particularly about the Mother Nature project and the monstrous creatures the company brings to life in Catch Creek, New Mexico.

Talking about the background of the project, the actress-turned-graphic novelist said that the story behind ‘Mother Nature’ came to her when she was nineteen years old. As environmentalist Jamie Lee Curtis says he has always been aware of the deeply unequal relationship between humans and nature, “I always knew that, like it or not, nature would win.”

He is delighted to see his ideas come to fruition through comic books and feature films, he has also long admired and collected the work of Karl Stevens and is grateful that Titan Comics has brought ‘Mother Nature’ under their wing to help creatives spread the work more widely.

Karl Stevens commented that he was immediately blown away by the action and gore presented in the story without losing the focus on environmental issues. This illustrator continues that this will be the best work of his entire career.

The film ‘Mother Nature’ is planned for release on November 15, 2022, so we’ll just have to wait for the latest news.