Jaime Lorente: “I look very little like Denver”


The actor has become world famous with his character in ‘money heist’. She adores him, but they couldn’t be more different.

Define and Jaime Lorente to Denver , his character in money heist , if you could only use three words. This is how he describes it in statements for Netflix on the occasion of the premiere of the final stretch of the series developed by Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato , which has seen the light on the streaming platform this Friday, December 3, becoming, in an open and close your eyes, in the most popular.

When Lorente met Denver, he was not the internationally known Jaime Lorente that he is today. Then, as he himself explains, he came from doing a lot of theater, a medium for which he feels a very special love, and his greatest work on television had been in the daily series El Secreto de Puente Viejo . “Then money heist crossed my path and it was a 180 degree turn, but literal. I went from 0 to 100 all of a sudden and to relate to an image of myself that I don’t know,” recalls the interpreter.

Later he would triumph again at the hand of Elite , also on Netflix and together with some colleagues from money heist – Miguel Herrán and María Pedraza – and now he is in charge of giving life to a young Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar in the series El Cid from Amazon Prime Video. However, the character that put him on the international map was Denver, that “something great” that he wanted to do since he began to study drama and make his first steps in the theater. As Lorente recalls, when money heist became a bombshell, “my personal life felt very invaded by the public, by the exhibition,” while, on an artistic level, “many doors were opened to it.” “I am very happy to have been able to bring out the positive,” he reflects.

Regarding his relationship with Denver, a character with a characteristic laugh, impulsive, badass and deeply attached to his father, Jaime Lorente is clear that they are nothing alike, but he acknowledges that the robber has admirable qualities .

I look very little like Denver. Very little. I’m a lot more thoughtful than he is. Less impulsive and, above all, less violent “, he admits smiling.” Although there is something that I envy him, that I have learned from him, which is honesty.
“And the relationship he has with love,” adds Lorente. “Although sometimes poorly focused, because it is clumsy. I often say that when someone wants to get out of the mud, they come out, but it comes out stained. And that happens to Denver. He wants to do things well but does not know very well how to do them and he still has the weight of an almost toxic masculinity that keeps things from going quite right. But he’s a very honest guy. And that’s what I’m left with. ”

For Lorente, saying goodbye to money heist “has been a very personal and emotional journey.” He says it, in his own words, “as a kind of duel”, admitting that, after finishing filming, he needed some time to “rest and reflect” on all that it had meant for him to be part of something like the famous series: “Suddenly, you have to assimilate it. And I don’t know how you put an end to something so big.”