Jackson Wang Talks About Performing First at Coachella to BTS


Jackson Wang will be performing at https://zenodo.org/communities/ver-encantoti-manatahan/?page=1&size=20 the Coachella Music Festival for the first time. In an interview recently, he admitted that he was very honored.
According to him, performing at Coachella is a once in a lifetime experience. So he was nervous.

“This is the first time for me. Once in a lifetime. I’m very honored, and at the same time I feel nervous. It’s not a negative nervousness. I’m so happy!” said Jackson Wang quoted from Variety.

Jackson Wang’s appearance at Coachella https://www.lythamhall.org.uk/profile/sonic-2-la-pelicula/profile was part of 88rising. Working together for more than four years made the GOT7 member feel like 88rising was like a part of his family.

“Yes, we talk about work, but we also talk about personal things. Especially when it comes to creative things, what is the strategy? What are our next steps? What kind of music do we want to release? We set a strategy together,” he said. https://zenodo.org/communities/stream-encantoto-pastigurih/?page=1&size=20

“It’s not just work, it’s like family. Because you work in this industry, to be honest, you have different emotions. Mental health is very important in this industry. Of course in all industries, but especially in this industry,” continued Jackson Wang .

On the same occasion, Jackson Wang also talked about the influence of BTS and their music globally. For the people of South Korea themselves, the group led by RM has become a source of pride for them.

“Artists like BTS , like BLACKPINK, https://zenodo.org/communities/encantonoto-fdj-dfjhg-voir/?page=1&size=20 I really respect their art. The direction they’re going, as an audience, I’m very proud,” concluded Jackson Wang.