Jackie Chan caught on camera, again transporting cardboard to help COVID-19 victims


News about actor Jackie Chan is always interesting to discuss. The increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong and China has made Jackie Chan unable to remain silent.
The Hong Kong actor was caught on camera lifting boxes containing medical supplies to help the victims.

Reporting from Today Online, Jackie Chan donated 1,000 boxes of COVID-19 test kits, a million masks, and 30,000 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel.

Not only donating, but the 67-year-old actor transported a number of boxes containing the medical equipment. In photos that have spread online, he is seen wearing a dark blue jacket and trousers.

Jackie Chan also wore sneakers and wore a white mask to protect his face.

Until now it is not clear where the location of the photo shoot was but the star also briefly posed with the medical staff there.

Jackie Chan not only donated or donated to Hong Kong residents, but also to other countries. One of them is Cambodia.

He is known to have donated 1 million masks which have now been handed over to the local government in Phnom Penh.

Previously, it was reported that Jackie Chan would not give his son, Jackie Chan, an inheritance. He firmly said that his son could make his own money without receiving a penny from his parents.

The actor’s household was also hit by bad news. His relationship with actress Lin Feng-chiao is said to have cracked after Jackie Chan decided to leave the two companies owned by his wife. In the company, he occupied a strategic position.

The two companies were founded in 2007 and now have revenues of more than Rp 15 billion. This is also suspected to be the sharing of assets or assets carried out by the two before continuing their divorce.

Some netizens are also aware that since August 2018, Jackie Chan has never discussed or even mentioned his wife’s name while doing a live on Weibo.