J-Hope BTS’s Post About ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Is Not A Controversy For This Reason


J-Hope Expressed His Admiration For Holy Bang’s Appearance At The Event. The Owner Of The Name Jung Hoseok Took Photos Of Their Appearance And Shared Them On Weverse.

J-Hope BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) recently showed his support for the Holy Bang dance crew on ” Street Woman Fighter “. His support became the talk of netizens for certain reasons.

On September 17, J-Hope expressed his admiration for Holy Bang’s performance. The owner of the name Jung Hoseok took photos of their appearance and shared them on Weverse.

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J-Hope posted after the voting results were over. The “leader” of the BTS dance line showed how impressed he was by the performance of Holy Bang with a thumbs up and gaping emoji.

The dance crew is led by the talented Honey J, a longtime professional dancer. They did do some really amazing choreography.

What many fans don’t know is that one of the dancers named Hertz previously knew J-Hope from Joy Dance: Plug-In Music Academy, the school where the BTS member studied dance in the past.

Many netizens highlighted how J-Hope posted his support after the event was over. Due to J-Hope’s status as one of the most popular figures in the world today, his support could spark controversy.

Netizens suspect that J-Hope knows very well how much influence it can have on the voting so he waits after the voting process ends. So his support will not be controversial. For this, netizens praised him to the full.

He posted it after the voting ended. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I like J-Hope’s personality, he’s a good guy,commented netizen. My idol and I have the same choice! Thank you very much for posting it after the voting ended, so there won’t be any controversy, added another netizen.

As expected, J-Hope is amazing, wrote a netizen. I think Hobi will like Holy Bang. He posted it after the voting ended. He knew his influence could cause controversy, concluded another.

Photo: Support after Voting is Complete, J-Hope BTS's Attitude to HolyBang 'Street Woman Fighter' Reaps Praise

Support after the voting is over, J-Hope BTS’s attitude to HolyBang ‘Street Woman Fighter’ reaps praise

J-Hope BTS received praise from Knetz for showing his support for the Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’ survival participant HolyBang after the voting calculation was completed.

Currently, the Mnet survival show ” Street Woman Fighter ” is indeed getting the spotlight. This event is known to be attended by 8 teams of professional dancers namely Want, YGX, Prowdmon, Wayb, Lachica, HolyBang, Hook, and CocaNButter.

[SPOILER] In the latest episode, Wayb is known to be eliminated for performing with the song Queen of K-Pop. So, currently “Street Woman Fighter” has 7 teams for the next round.

In the next round, YGX cs was challenged to make an appearance with many people at once. The video of their performance has also been shared and can only be seen in South Korea for the counting of votes.

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J-Hope BTS was also seen watching the performance of “Street Woman Fighter”, he even showed his support for the HolyBang team. J-Hope via Weverse shared the moment he saw HolyBang’s performance.

J-Hope’s support immediately became the spotlight of Knetz in the online community. The reason is, the handsome idol decided to upload his support after the vote count was completed.

Knetz said that what J-Hope did was very wise considering his current popularity. So, he didn’t want HolyBang to be judged as getting votes because of J-Hope’s promotion.

He uploaded after voting ended.. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I like J-Hope’s personality, he’s a nice guy kekekeke, said a Knetz on Theqoo . My idol and I have the same choice!!!!!! Thank you so much for uploading it after the voting ends, so there will be no controversy, continued another. It will affect voting if idols like BTS upload during the voting period.. As expected, J-Hope is amazing, added another.

He has the same taste as me!!!!!! J-Hope tastes = mine, said another. Hobby-ah, I like HolyBang too, I said. I think Hobi (J-Hope’s nickname) will like HolyBang haha ​​He uploaded after the voting ended He did very well! praised another. He knows the effect, explained another.

I heard there is someone who goes to the same academy as J-Hope among the HolyBang dancers, said another. Our hobby and I have the same choice, said another. I watched their stage and it was amazing, said another.

Meanwhile, a member of HolyBang, Hertz, attended the same dance academy as J-Hope in the past. Hertz revealed that J-Hope was a very nice man and the idol’s success was far beyond his expectations.