IVE ‘s ” LOVE DIVE ” was included in Time magazine’s list of the best K-pop songs and albums of 2022.

IVE ‘s ” LOVE DIVE ” was included in Time magazine’s list of the best K-pop songs and albums of 2022.


Launching from KBIZoom on Thursday (9/6/2022), Time, an American weekly magazine, released an article entitled “The Best K-pop Songs and Albums of 2022 So Far” on its official website on June 7. IVE won “Best K-Pop and Albums” with the second single “LOVE DIVE” and the title track of the same name.

Time Magazine praised IVE’s music saying, “IVE debuted with the release of the song “ELEVEN” last year, and with the release of their latest single, the group confidently stated that it was not a one-hit miracle.”https://www.rnmkrs.org/profile/jurrasic-world3-c-stream-deutsch/profile

According to Time Magazine, “LOVE DIVE” has a dreamy and elegant feel, with “Woo lalalalalalala” being cool and soft. Anyone who listens to IVE can easily fall in love with their voice when they ask you to dive into love. This song is also more addictive because there are details such as a short beat drop added just before the second chorus and the spunky lyrics “You into me, me into you” sung by Rei.

Meanwhile, IVE topped the YouTube Music weekly chart with “LOVE DIVE” and also ranked No. 1 on the weekly K-pop song date on the world’s largest music platform Spotify. In addition, immediately after its release, “LOVE DIVE” achieved all kills on global charts such as Apple Music and Line Music in Japan. On YouTube Music, not only has it maintained the top spot for eight weeks in a row, but it’s also shown the potential to rise again even after promotions end.

IVE has proven their immense popularity in Korea as well. “LOVE DIVE” has maintained its ranking at the top of major domestic music streaming sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Genie. Moreover, after the promotion ended, even without attendance, IVE received seven music show wins.https://www.rnmkrs.org/profile/streamcloud-jurassic-world3-dominion-ganzer-film/profile

IVE will show a new charm in season 2 through their own reality show “1,2,3 IVE 2”, which will premiere via the group’s official YouTube channel on June 13, 11:00 PM KST.