IU Cooks Macarons Celebrates The Success Of ‘Strawberry Moon’, The Incident Of Forgetting To Turn On The Oven Makes You Laugh


In Celebration Of The Success Of The Single ‘Strawberry Moon’, IU Created Special Content To Celebrate The Release Of Her Song By Cooking All The Pink Fruit.

“Strawberry Moon” which became IU’s comeback single by achieving success, made this soloist hold a “selametan” aka a celebration of success with special content on his YouTube channel. In the special content, IU shows her cooking skills to fans.

Besides being talented in the world of music and acting, it seems that IU really wants to show her fans a new skill, namely cooking. To celebrate the release of her new song, “Strawberry Moon”, IU will be focusing on the pink theme for the second episode of her YouTube series “LET’S COOK with CHEF IU”.

In her latest content, IU makes strawberry macarons and strawberry ice cream made by her. After IU got the recipe, she started making macarons. Even though she uses tools, there is no denying that the menu that IU will cook is the most difficult dessert to prepare.

However, IU also went through the same thing as everyone who has ever tried baking a cake. The process he did did not go according to plan. While making the jam, she goes to check the shell (known as coque) for the macaroni.

Unfortunately, when IU checked it she realized that the coque-ya had not been baked and was still raw. As expected, IU was very confused about what happened and why the macaron shell she left behind was not ripe.

With the help of her staff, IU realized that the oven didn’t turn on because someone forgot to plug it in. From this incident, IU then gave light advice to her fans to prepare all the tools more thoroughly.

“Recheck every step when making macarons. Never be confident. And, if your PD (producer) is in front of you, stay alert,” said IU.

Luckily, after the coque was completely baked, IU assembled it like a pro and produced a gorgeous macaron. IU even asked her agency mate Shin Se Kyung to give it a try and was praised.

Meanwhile, even though IU had failed, she finally finished it well and was more motivated. IU then made fans excited because the results of her cooking were very beautiful.

IU Raih Perfect All-Kill, Pendengar 'Strawberry Moon' Tak Sabar Ingin Dengarkan di Konser

IU Wins Perfect All-Kill, ‘Strawberry Moon’ Listeners Can’t Wait To Listen At Concert

At 12:30 P.M. KST, ‘Strawberry Moon’ Has Achieved All-Kill Certification. The Song Shot To The Top Of Korea’s Major Realtime Charts Soon After Its Release On October 19.

IU gave a pleasant surprise to fans by releasing her latest single entitled “Strawberry Moon”. Through this song, the 1993-born singer has achieved his third all-kill certification this year.

As of Wednesday (20/10) at 12:30 p.m. KST, IU’s digital single “Strawberry Moon” has achieved an all-kill certification. The song shot to the top of Korea’s major realtime charts soon after its release on October 19.

All-kill certification is awarded for songs that are No. 1 on the daily charts and 24 Hits Melon, the daily and realtime charts of Genie and Bugs, the daily charts of VIBE, and the realtime charts of FLO and iChart. IU has achieved another two all-kills in 2021 (both certified and perfect all-kills) with “Celebrity” and “LILAC.”

The video reveals behind the scenes of the music video for his new single. , “Strawberry Moon.”

In her new music video, IU is seen driving a convertible as she sings the song. This convertible has the date “JUN 14-2022” on its license plate.

Strawberry moon is a month that rises only once a year in June and, as the name suggests, is a slightly redder month than usual. In Korean, this month is named “Strawberry Moon”. It was also revealed that June 14, 2022, will be IU’s birthday on the lunar calendar.

In the video, IU added, “Besides, June 14 is ‘Kiss Day’. I want to hold an outdoor concert that day and sing ‘Strawberry Moon’ live for the first time while watching the strawberry moon with the audience.”

Many fans were excited to hear about IU’s plans, but the singer explained that June 14, 2022 is Monday and said, “It was a Monday and it was difficult to hold a concert on Monday.”

However, many fans left comments on the YouTube video, sharing their excitement after hearing the concert plans that IU briefly revealed. “I have no other wish if I can watch his concert under the strawberry moon,” said a netizen. “See you at the concert,” said another.