It’s not just you, Kim Tae Ri also wants Hee Do to unite with Yi Jin!

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The ending of the Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One apparently did not only make some viewers sad and disappointed because (spoiler alert) Na Hee Do did not unite with Back Yi Jin. The Korean drama actress, Kim Tae Ri , also feels that they deserve to be happy together.
Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) faces many dramas in life in her 20s. After his love story with Back Yi Jin (played by Nam Joo Hyuk ) ended due to LDR problems, Na Hee Do chose to try to move on by marrying a mysterious man who was not revealed until the end.

In an interview, Kim Tae Ri shared his feelings about the ending of Twenty-Five Twenty-One. He feels sad because many fans want Hee Do and Yi Jin to unite but in reality, the scenario of this drama doesn’t make it that way. The annoying things from the ending of Twenty-Five Twenty-One are also discussed in the Drakor Podcast!

Despite playing in the drama, Kim Tae Ri also continues to watch every episode and position himself as an audience. From there, there was hope that the character he played could end happily with Back Yi Jin until marriage.

Kim Tae Ri continued to praise Hee Do’s character. According to him, this figure is very pleasant. On the other hand, Back Yi Jin was a warm man.

“I also watched the drama and found Hee Do very fun and Back Yi Jin is a warm person,” he continued.

Although it didn’t end happily, Kim Tae Ri felt that what Hee Do and Yi Jin experienced throughout the Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One was something beautiful. An experience of first love which according to Kim Tae Ri can be enjoyed and described well.

The end of the Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One recorded a rating of 11.5 percent and became the highest rating throughout its broadcast. The ending of this drama did not match the expectations of Kim Tae Ri and some viewers who wanted Hee Do and Yi Jin to be together, but there were also others who felt that the ending of Twenty-Five Twenty-One was fitting and very realistic.