It’s hard to digest, this is the age of 4 Immortal Creatures in Korean Dramas


Of the many titles, one genre that often attracts attention is fantasy-themed drama with the main character being an immortal or immortal being. In such a drama, the audience will be presented with the stories of the characters who have to go through a very long life.

Like the series of dramas below whose immortal characters are said to have lived for a long time, around hundreds to thousands of years. Who and how old are these creatures, huh? Come on, find out!

Dan Hwal (Bulgasal)
Dan Hwal (Lee Jin Wook) is the main character in the drama Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021). While working as a military official and carrying out duties to wipe out the remnants of the previous dynasty, he later turns into a bulgasal (mythical creature that cannot die or age).

At that time his soul was stolen by the previous bulgasal . Because of this he lived while holding a grudge and survived by drinking animal blood. And Hwal was able to achieve a long life of more than 600 years.

Shin Woo Yeo (My Roommate is Gumiho)
Told as a gumiho or a nine-tailed fox, Shin Woo Yeo (Jang Ki Yong) in the drama My Roommate is Gumiho (2021) has lived his life for 999 years. He then lives as a handsome and intelligent university professor.

Because he has the desire to become a human, Shin Woo Yeo then collects human energy in a bead. Unfortunately, due to an incident the beads were accidentally swallowed by a student.

Lee Yeon (Tale of the Nine Tailed)
Tale of the Nine-Tailed (2020) tells the story of Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook), the gumiho ruler of Mount Baekdudaegan. Baekdudaegan guardians and mountain spirits have the power to control rain and wind.

One time Lee Yeon made the mistake of loving a human. That’s why he was expelled from Baekdudaegan and underwent mandatory service that was akin to a punishment. Although his real age is unknown, for the past 600 years, Lee Yeon has been waiting for his first love, Ah Eum, to be reincarnated.

Jang Man Wol (Hotel Del Luna)
About 1,300 years ago, Jang Man Wol (IU), the main character in the drama Hotel Del Luna (2019) was cursed to atone for sins for the revenge he had committed. Now, he is also the owner of a hotel called Hotel del Luna who is aloof, grumpy, materialistic, and likes to spend a lot of time.

At the hotel located in Myeong-dong, Seoul, Man Wol’s soul is bound. He also has to serve the spirits of visitors by providing for their needs before being sent to the afterlife.

Although not all of the actual ages are explained, the characters above are said to have lived on Earth for a very long time. Some of them have even lived for thousands of years.