It’s Gone Public, Crush Was Caught Liking Red Velvet’s Joy Post


Crush Was Caught Liking His Girlfriend’s Instagram Post, Joy Red Velvet. This Ultimately Makes Super Excited Fans Like The Following.

Crush seems to be more open about his relationship with Red Velvet’s Joy after deciding to go public a few months ago. Because on Saturday (18/12), he was caught liking his girlfriend’s post on Instagram.

On Saturday (18/12) evening local time, Joy shared a series of photos at the backstage of KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021 which was held on Friday (17/12). The first two photos show a beautiful portrait of Joy in a white dress.

On the third slide, the 25-year-old idol shows her stunning portrait while wearing a heart-red dress. And on the last slide he shared his intimate portrait with the Red Velvet members.

Akun Instagram Rahasia Joy Red Velvet Diretas, Foto Mesra dengan Crush Bocor

Interestingly, Crush, who is currently in the military, was caught liking the post. This proves that he continues to monitor the activities of his lover even though he is carrying out state duties.

That’s why fans immediately excited not playing. Many feel excited and happy to see the strength of the couple’s relationship. Check out some of the fan comments below:

“He is very adorable when he likes his girlfriend’s posts like this,” said a fan. “Joy and Crush are a very cute and precious couple,” added another fan.

So he finally liked the post,” said another fan. “Oh my God, I really like this. A boyfriend who always supports me,” said another.

So he decided to show off by liking the post. Haha he’s very funny,” said another fan.

“Idols can’t do this freely. How sweet and cute he is when he openly supports the people he loves in public. I really like his courage,” concluded another fan.

Meanwhile, Crush and Joy confirmed their relationship last August. They started dating after working together in May 2020 with the single “Mayday.”

The couple share a common interest in caring for puppies. That’s why they often go on casual dates by walking their dogs.