Italian MotoGP Results 2022: Pecco Champion, Marquez 10th


The results of the 2022 Italian MotoGP race, Francesco Bagnaia won the MotoGP race at his ‘home’ in Mugello with a time of 41:18,923. Other podium positions are occupied by Fabio Quartararo +0.635 and Aleix Espargaro +1.983. Johann Zarco managed to beat two of his juniors from the VR46 team (Bezzecchi and Marini) in the top 6. Enea Bastianini fell, giving Marc Marquez the opportunity to finish the race in the top 10 with a difference of +11,800 seconds from the race winner..

Francesco Bagnaia comeback.. After crashing at Le Mans, Pecco responded with a home race win at Mugello ahead of Fabio Quartararo and Aleix Espargaro. Enea Bastianini fell as well as two Suzuki riders. Marc Marquez finished tenth in his last MotoGP race to date.

Photos of Marc Marquez’s Last Race in MotoGP this Season, Record 10th Position

The Italian MotoGP which took place at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, Sunday (29/5/2022), became the last race for Marc Marquez in the MotoGP racing event this season. (AP/Antonio Calanni)

The racer nicknamed The Baby Alien decided to undergo a fourth operation at the Clinica Mayo, America after another accident during the qualifying session last Saturday. (AP/Antonio Calanni)

Marquez’s performance did experience a drastic decline after the accident at the Jerez MotoGP 2022. At that time, he fell at corner 3 and fell into the gravel. His body was thrown into the air until the right arm bone – between the elbow and shoulder – was broken. As a result, Marquez was required to rest for almost a full season. (AFP/Filippo Monteforte)

In this Italian MotoGP race, Marc Marquez started the race from 12th place and was only satisfied to finish in 10th position. The Baby Aliens have never been on the podium this 2022 season. His best position is finishing in fourth position during the Spanish MotoGP. (AFP/Filippo Monteforte)

The race track
Lap 1: Diggia overtakes Marini and Bezzechi, but is overtaken by Marini. Quartararo and Aleix followed behind, but were eventually overtaken by Aleix. Diggia overtook Bezzechi. Darryn in position 17 gets a long lap penalty.
Lap 2: Bezzechi, Marini, Quartararo. Bezzechi overtakes Marini. Quartararo overtook Aleix, moving up to 4th position. Pecco, Brad, and Marc overtook Nakagami who are now in 10th position. Quartararo overtook Digia.
Lap 3: Bezzechi, Marini, Quartararo. Digia overtook Quartararo, but was overtaken back. Bagnaia is now in position 5.
Lap 4: Bezzechi, Quartararo, Marini. Pecco recorded the fastest lap. Quartararo overtook Marini. Bagnaia overtakes Digia, moving up to 4th position.
Lap 5: Bezzechi, Quartararo, Marini. Bezzechi recorded the fastest lap. Bastianini is in 9th position after overtaking Marquez who is now in 10th position. Pol fell at Turn 9.
Lap 6: Bezzechi, Bagnaia, Quartararo. Pecco overtook Quartararo and Marini, moving up to 2nd place.
Lap 7: Bezzechi, Bagnaia, Quartararo. Duel Digia and Zarco took 6th place.
Lap 8: Bezzechi, Bagnaia, Quartararo. Mir fell at Turn 1. Bastianini managed to catch up with Digia after overtaking Zarco. Rins crashed at turn 12.
Lap 9: Bagnaia, Bezzechi, Quartararo. Pecco salip Bezzechi.
Lap 10: Bagnaia, Bezzechi, Quartararo. Bastianini is now in 7th position, just behind Zarco. Marquez is in 11th position.
Lap 11: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Bezzechi. Pecco is getting further and further away from Bezzechi. Quartararo overtook Bezzechi.
Lap 12: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Marini. Marini salip Bezzechi. Aleix mulai mendekati Bezzechi.
Lap 13: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Bezzechi. Duel Marini and Bezzechi took 3rd place. Bastianini moved up to 6th place after overtaking Zarco.
Lap 14: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Bezzechi. Marquez dropped to 12th position after being overtaken by Nakagami. Bastianini fell at Turn 4. Aleix overtook Marini, moving up to position 4.
Lap 15: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Bezzechi. Aleix semakin mendekati Bezzechi.
Lap 16: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Bezzechi. Marini was overtaken by Zarco, but was overtaken back.
Lap 17: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix. Zarco overtook Marini, moving up to 5th position. Aleix overtook Bezzechi. Digia is now in 10th position.
Lap 18: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix. Quartararo is 1.7 seconds faster than Aleix.
Lap 19: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix.
Lap 20: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix. The three of them drifted away from each other.
Lap 21: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix. Pecco is 1.1 seconds faster than Quartararo.
Lap 22: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix. Marquez is now in 10th position.
Lap 23: Bagnaia, Quartararo, Aleix. Pecco was getting further and further away from Quartararo. Zarco overtook Bezzechi, now in 4th position. Bezzechi and Marini are in 5th and 6th position.