Italian League Results: Theo Hernandez Performs Brilliantly, AC Milan Gases Venice to Return to the Top of the Standings


AC Milan managed to steal full points at the Venezia headquarters in the 21st week of Serie A 2021/2022. The Rossoneri won 3-0 over the host Venezia at the Pierluigi Penzo Stadium, Sunday (9/1/2022) night WIB.

AC Milan left wing back , Theo Hernandez appeared as the star of the victory by buying up two goals in this match. The other Milan goal was scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the start of the match.

The game just started, Milan scored immediately. From the left, Leao sent a mature pass for Ibrahimovic who just pushed the ball from close range. Goal! Venice 0-1 Milan in the 2nd minute.

Milan’s quick goal was a surprise for Venice. Milan continues to pound and press the opponent. Until the 15th minute, Milan’s attacks overwhelmed Venezia.

Venice just came out of pressure when the game entered the 20th minute. The tempo of Milan’s game decreased and gave Venezi an opportunity to press back. The 27th minute Milan got a ripe opportunity from a free kick. Theo Hernandez strike forced Sergio Romero to make an important save.

The match was more open, but Venezia still had trouble threatening the Milan goal. On the other hand, Milan could not take advantage of the momentum to score the second goal. There were no additional goals until the end of the first half.

Second round
Just like the first half, Milan immediately attacked and scored a goal at the beginning of the match. Leao’s breakthrough bait spoiled Theo who opened fire at the near post. Goal! Venice 0-2 Milan in the 48th minute.

This second goal Milan changed the direction of the game completely. Venice is increasingly confined to survive. Milan continues to chase the next goal.

In the 57th minute, Milan received a penalty. Svoboda handball in the penalty box and immediately punished with a red card. Theo stepped forward as an executioner and accomplished his task perfectly. Goal! Venice 0-3 Milan.

Winning three goals to make Milan play more comfortable. Until the 75th minute, Milan looked relaxed to dominate possession and confine Venice.

Entering the final 10 minutes, Venice actually got a little gap to attack. Milan lowered the tempo and waited for a chance to counterattack. An extra 2 minutes is not enough to change the scoreboard. The referee blows the long whistle. The score is 3-0 for Milan’s victory.

This victory makes AC Milan managed to shift the top position of the standings from Inter Milan. Stefano Pioli’s men have 48 points and are two ahead of Inter. However, Inter Milan still has two games to spare.

Venice (4-3-1-2): Sergio Romero; Pasquale Mazzocchi, Michael Svoboda, Pietro Ceccaroni, Ridgeciano Haps; Michael Cuisance (60 ‘Sofian Kiyine), Ethan Ampadu, Gianluca Busio (79’ Antonio Fiordilino); Mattia Aramu (60 ‘Toerset Johnsen); Thomas Henry (60 ‘Domen Crnigoj), David Okereke (89’ Bjarki Steinn Bjarkason).

Daniel Maldini), Rafael Leao (62 ‘Ante Rebic); Zlatan Ibrahimovic (74 ‘Olivier Giroud).