Italian League: Juventus Legend Says The Old Lady’s Problem Is Not Just Allegri


Italian League: Juventus Legend Says The Old Lady’s Problem Is Not Just Allegri


Juventus legend, Marco Tardelli, mentions the problems that exist in the Old Lady, not just Massimiliano Allegri.

He insists coach Max Allegri must keep his job.
Allegri was again under pressure after Juventus’ 0-1 loss to Monza.

“I don’t agree that a team should go and apologize to curva, in my opinion they did what they could,” he said.

“There are other problems, starting with the club and the preparation of the team,” he said.

“Allegri is at risk? No, because if he leaves, everyone at Juventus who has voted for him must leave,” he said.

Embarrassing defeat

Juventus suffered a humiliating defeat in the 7th week of Serie A 2022/2023. The team nicknamed the Bianconeri narrowly lost 0-1 to the host team, Monza, at the Brianteo Stadium, Sunday (19/9/2022) night WIB.

The only goal that was created against Juventus was determined by substitute Chris Gytkjaer in the 55th minute. This was also the first defeat that Massimiliano Allegri’s troops had experienced in Serie A this season.

Juventus’ suffering increased at home to Monza because they had to play with 10 men. Angel Di Maria sent off in the 4th minute

Allegri’s fate?

This defeat clearly felt like a slap in the face for Massimiliano Allegri and his squad. Juve have had problems with consistency since the start of the season, now the situation is getting worse.

Imagine, Monza is a promotion team that should be far below Juve’s level. It’s not that Monza don’t deserve to play in Serie A, but that they shouldn’t be a difficult opponent for Juve.

Middle Board

Juventus is currently slumped in the middle of the board, aka the 8th position of the Serie A standings. With 10 points from seven matches.

Of course, this result re-heated the slanted issue of Allegri’s dismissal. Is it still appropriate for the Italian coach to handle the team?