Italian League: Good with Agnelli, Antonio Conte Can Return to Juventus

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte is reportedly open to a return to Juventus if the Bianconeri part ways with Massimiliano Allegri.

Allegri’s position at Juventus is not safe following the minor results obtained by the Old Lady.
Allegri’s men have won just two of their seven Serie A matches. Most recently, Juve were humiliated by the promotion team, Monza 0-1 and were in 8th place in the standings.

Allegri was forced to leave the pitch with a security guard after the defeat. His Juventus career seems to be coming to an end.

On the other hand, Juventus director Pavel Nedved is reportedly interested in re-hiring Conte.


Should Juventus decide to sack Allegri, Il Bianconero claim that Conte would be happy to return to Turin, despite his fractured relationship with chairman Andrea Agnelli.

Conte and Agnelli disagreed over the club’s transfer policy at the end of the former’s tenure in 2014. Conte gave his former boss the middle finger while at Inter Milan in 2021.

The two’s unfriendly relationship should have seen Agnelli block Conte’s return in 2019 when Maurizio Sarri replaced Allegri.

Make up with Agnelli

Agnelli has reportedly turned a new leaf with Conte due to Juve’s disappointing performance.

The two are now friends again. Conte was recently in Turin on holiday with his family during the international break.

“Occasionally the spirit of our work makes us cross the line of courtesy. The collaboration with Conte ended well. It was a gesture of affection,” Conte said after the middle finger controversy, to Striscia La Notizia.

Allegri trail

Allegri replaced Conte in the Juventus hot seat in 2014 and won five consecutive Serie A titles before leaving in 2019, but he returned to Turin in the summer of 2021.

Juventus could only reach fourth place in the 2021/2022 season under Allegri, and the Old Lady have also had a disappointing start to the new season.