Italian League giants Juventus will choose Nicolo Zaniolo: Paulo Dybala kicked?


Turin – Rumors regarding the fate and future of Paulo Dybala at Juventus began to emerge when the Italian League giants no longer offered a new contract. However, the public is still curious about who is worthy of replacing the role of Lionel Messi’s compatriot.

Moreover, currently Dybala is the one who gets the number 10 jersey. That is, if Dybala leaves, a quality person who deserves to wear the number 10 continues to be a question mark. Many people predict Dusan Vlahovic will be elected, but that’s just rumours.

Well, one that has emerged is a potential replacement for Paulo Dybala. Italian Football claims, Juventus have approached Nicolo Zaniolo. The move is in line with the stalled negotiations between Juventus management and Dybala’s agent.

Now, the media in Italy have released that Juventus has made a choice for Nicolo Zaniolo. This name is familiar, because it was widely reported that he would move to Juventus last summer.

However, at that time the negotiations did not reach an agreement. Nicolo Zaniolo still has a contract with AS Roma until 2024. The market price of the 22-year-old winger is 40 million euros, equivalent to Rp. 634 billion.

Juventus’ worries , Nicolo Zaniolo has similar playing characteristics to Paulo Dybala. The difference is, this former Inter Milan player operates on the wing.

If you look at his age and potential, the media considers Zaniolo worthy of developing his experience with Juventus. However, a number of Juventus are worried about the news.

One reason is that left-footed players are prone to injury. Nicolo Zaniolo has twice suffered injuries in the sector of the ligament.

This condition also made him almost absent for a season in 2020/2021. Previously, Nicolo Zaniolo was predicted as the future face of the Italian national team. However, a history of injuries slightly interfered with his career.