Itaewon Class Will Be Adapted To A Japanese Drama


The Korean drama Itaewon Class won popularity when it aired in 2020. Now, the drama starring Park Seo Joon is ready to be adapted into a Japanese drama.
It was confirmed by JTBC that they will be working with Kakao Entertainment, Kross Pictures, and a Japanese TV station to create a Japanese version of Itaewon Class. When it aired in 2020, the drama’s highest rating reached 18.3 percent.

The rating was achieved by Itaewon Class in the last episode of the broadcast. This figure makes the drama, which also stars Kim Da Mi, the most popular Korean drama in the history of JTBC.

Itaewon Class steals attention not because of the chemistry of Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi, but also the storyline that is considered relatable to the drama soundtrack. In 2021, Itaewon Class even won an award for Best Drama Series at the 25th Asian Television Awards.

In Japan itself, the digital comic platform Piccoma released the webtoon Roponggi Class, gaining popularity. The drama Itaewon Class itself also took first place on the Japanese Netflix chart, so it was decided to make a remake of this drama.

The drama adaptation, which will be titled Roponggi Class, is confirmed to star a number of top Japanese actors. The drama will air in the summer with 13 episodes.

Itaewon Class tells the story of a group of young people who work together to challenge the injustices of the world. The drama is directed by Kim Sung Yoon (Love in the Moonlight) and the script is written by Jo Gwang Jin.

This drama focuses on the revenge carried out by Park Sae Roy-I to Jang Dae Hee, the CEO of Jangga Group who killed his father in business.

With strong determination and the help of Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi), Sae Roy-I does everything he can to be able to run a food restaurant business in Itaewon to success, in order to take revenge on Jang Dae Hee.