It Turns Out That This Is The Figure Who Inspired The Death Doll In The ‘Squid Game’


With Its Wide Eyes And Childish Behavior, The Doll Manages To Make The Hairs Stand On End. This Doll Is Apparently Based On An Ancient Korean Tale.

The deadly doll in ” Squid Game ” became very popular along with the success of the Netflix original series. Recently, the players revealed the figure who was the inspiration for the “killer” doll.

As soon as it was released, one of the first things fans noticed was the scary tall figure in the game “Red Light, Green Light.” With its wide eyes and childish behavior, the doll manages to make the hairs stand on end. This doll is apparently based on an ancient Korean tale.

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In particular, Jung Ho Yeon was asked about this deadly doll and explained that it is a familiar character. many Koreans.

When we were at school, there were characters. One boy, and one girl. The boy’s name is Cheolsoo, and the girl’s name is Younghee, said Jung Ho Yeon.

Although there’s not much to see from the original story behind the two characters, Chulsoo and Younghee are seen as two best friends and are in the textbooks looking at the 1970s and 80s. Many have compared this character to “Dick and Jane” or “Jack and Jill.”

In the series entitled “The Text Book” by Suk Kuhn Oh, the two characters represent the power of childhood memories. Chulsoo and Yonghee reenacted embarrassing or strange childhood memories. Even though it’s done in an everyday setting, it’s meant to liven up nostalgia.

This isn’t the first time inspiration has been mentioned. In a video for Netflix Korea, art director Chae Kyung Sun explains how he found inspiration for the doll. We referred to the illustrations of Cheolsoo and Younghee from the textbook at the time when making robots, he said.

The Tug of War in 'Squid Game' Has A Theory, This Youtuber Proves Using Big Boss Oh Young Soo's Technique

The Tug Of War In ‘Squid Game’ Has A Theory, This Youtuber Proves Using Big Boss Oh Young Soo’s Technique

‘Squid Game’ Invites Viewers To Try Out Some Of The Games In Several Episodes Of This Drama, One Of Which Is To Practice Tug Of War With Tactics According To The Netflix Show.

The ” Squid Game ” fever is still a hot topic of conversation. In addition to attracting the attention of viewers because of the suspenseful storyline, so many conspiracy theories have been created by viewers.

Despite its dark nature and violent imagery, there’s something innocent and nostalgic about the game being played all the time. In particular, many people around the world will know about the classic tug of war played in episode 5.

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A South Korean YouTube channel tries to prove the theory presented by actor Oh Young Soo who plays Oh Il Nam, participant number 001. In the drama at a disadvantage, the main character manages to defeat a formidable team with the help of some quick thinking and logical thinking of Oh Il Nam.

The YouTuber brought in a male team called “Fake Man” and another with a more diverse lineup called “Money Game” which is similar to the one in the drama. As if in testing, both teams started off by playing the game with no strategy or thought behind it. As traditionally expected, the “Fake Man” team won with their strength and one of the members even joked that they didn’t even exert too much force.

The “Money Game” team then tried to incorporate the tactics of player 001 Oh Il Nam. In the drama it is said that the feet are facing forward, holding the rope under the armpits and holding the ground for the first ten seconds by almost lying in a standing position. After using this strategy, the team followed the characters’ suggestions in the play by making the opposing team unconscious and pulling with all their might.

Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t seem to work well for the “Money Game” team.

The two teams then repeated it again but the result remained the same and it didn’t work. Although many think this experiment is incorrect because the participants know some tactical background, it is possible that there are some things about the game that cannot be done.

Meanwhile, even though it didn’t work, many viewers praised the people involved and wondered if it would work according to more logical thinking. However, participants acknowledged that there was a change in strength when carrying out the tactics of the character 001.