It is predicted that these 5 big teams will become clowns in the World Cup, not qualifying for the group phase


The World Cup event always gives birth to unexpected surprises where the incident was not predicted beforehand.

Many things that were previously predicted like this turned out not to be in line with expectations, one of which was predictions about big teams.

The big teams that were predicted to win the World Cup actually turned into clowns and had to stumble in the group stage.

Of course, this is beyond prediction, while countries that are not favored can actually push through and give surprises.

These are the 5 big teams that became clowns in the World Cup , and did not qualify for the group phase .

1. Portugal World Cup 2014

At that time Portugal was a member of a group that could be considered hell with Germany, the United States and Ghana.

Surprisingly, Portugal was beaten by Germany with the score already 4-0, and was held to a draw by America 2-2.

Portugal , who won against Ghana, still did not qualify from the group stage because of the difference in points, and the United States and Germany were entitled to qualify for the round of 16.

2. Spain World Cup 2014

Spain , who became the defending champion at the 2010 World Cup , actually had to stumble in the next edition because they failed to qualify from the group phase .

Meeting the Netherlands, Spain was instantly slaughtered with a score of 1-5 and then defeated by Chile with a score of 2-0 and was only able to finish in third place in the group standings despite beating Australia in the last match.

3. Italy 2014 World Cup

Italy , which had a revenge mission at the 2010 World Cup, actually performed poorly in 2014 after failing to pass the group stage .

Despite winning in the first match against England, Italy had to lose to Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Italy finished third and ultimately failed to advance to the last 16, while Costa Rica surprisingly qualified along with Uruguay.

4. England 2014 World Cup

England, which is in the group with Italia, Costa Rica and Uruguay, had to swallow 2 defeats in the first match and ended in a draw in the last match.

Even worse, apart from not qualifying for the round of 16, England became the bottom of the group with a never-win record.

5. Argentina World Cup 2002

Argentina, which is joined with Sweden, England and Nigeria, is predicted to win easily and qualify for the round of 16.

However, it turned out that they had to lose against England, draw against Sweden and win against Nigeria. Argentina had to settle for third place.

Those are the top 5 who are predicted to win instead become clowns at the World Cup and don’t qualify for the group phase.