It is natural, a popular anime series is continued into a film VIOLET EVERGARDEN THE MOVIE


It is natural, a popular anime series is continued into a film. And the latest is Violet Evergarden the Movie which is the second feature film of the continuation of the anime series which has 13 episodes that aired during 2018 and the first feature film which was released in 2019. And for the second film itself, it was originally scheduled to air in April 2020, but due to the pandemic. postponed to September 2020 and in USA only got March 3, 2021. Before starting, I will notify you in advance if I watch Violet Evergarden the Movie without first watching the anime series or the first film version. Then can you connect or enjoy this anime without watching the prequel? Well, let’s talk from the beginning.

Violet Evergarden, which is also the name of the main character of this film, tells the story of a woman who once joined the military during the war. And in peacetime Violet is in the business of writing letters, songs or other writings for people in need. Doll is a designation or nickname given to this type of work. Violet Evergarden is one of the Dolls who is quite respected because of her beautiful and touching writing.

In the midst of her work, Violet is always haunted by the past when she was still in the military. especially at that time he parted with the person he loved Major Gilbert Bougainvillea. It is unknown how Major Gilbert’s fate after the war ended. Whether he survived or died on the battlefield, absolutely no one knows. Until finally Vilet got a clue if Major Gilbert was still alive. And finally Violet tried to find the whereabouts of Major Gilbert and found a fact that was hidden by Major Gilbert which made the meeting between the two of them not the best way.

That’s more or less the synopsis of Violet Evergerden. Then back again, for those who didn’t watch the anime series and the first film, can they understand or understand the plot of this film? For those of me who didn’t watch the series or the first film, I would say yes. Because in this 2 hour 20 minute film, there will be summary scenes or flashbacks of the previous story plot that will make us know the relationship between the two main characters, Violet and Gilbert. So for this the audience will not be too confused. Even if there is a gap for those of us who haven’t watched the prequel, it is more that we don’t really know the other supporting characters that have appeared in the previous two prequels.

With a duration that is quite long, the storyline feels very slow. So it’s not strange that in some acts the audience has to be a little patient about this. The main point is in the first 30 minutes. If in the first 30 minutes you can still enjoy the story. Then it is certain that your attention will not be lost for the remaining duration and even be moved by the complexity of Violet and Gilbert’s relationship. On the other hand, if in the first 30 minutes you feel bored, get ready for the rest of the duration to yawn or even fall asleep. Beyond the plot, Violet Evergarden provides beautiful and eye-catching animated visuals. For me, who often watches anime with the action genre, Violet Evergarden’s visuals really feel different.

Violet Evergarden the Movie that provides a story that is not only for loyal fans but also for new fans. It is proven by those of us who have not watched the prequel, we can easily understand the plot of the story in the previous series and films. The film has been showing in cinemas since March 3, 2021. The screening time was limited some time ago in Kota Kasablanka. There was also a cosplay parade for the Violet Evergarden character which proves that this anime has quite a fanbase in USA.