Isn’t It Romantic (2019) Movie Review, Parody & Satirical Criticism of Women’s Comedy-Romantic Cliches


Comedy-romance is an unrealistic media cliché that cannot be experienced by all women , which is how Natalie, the main character in Isn’t It Romantic (2019), sees romantic-comedy genre films. Natalie, who has been fat since she was a child, remembers her mother’s message 25 years ago about the romantic comedy: Wake up, Natalie. It’s just a movie. Forget about men. Forget about love. In real life, girls like us don’t get that. However, Natalie’s mother’s opinion represents a worthy critique of mainstream romantic-comedy films as well .However, we must admit that many romantic-comedies cannot represent all women—because they usually only feature ‘superbeautiful’ and super-rich women, which gets ‘super-handsome’ and super-rich men as well. Therefore, through the film Isn’t It Romantic (2019) and Natalie’s life story, we are invited to criticize and then try to redesign the romantic-comedy. What will it be like?

Isn’t It Romantic (2019) Movie Review

The film Isn’t It Romantic (2019) tells the story of Natalie. Natalie tends to be cynical and skeptical about romantic-comedies—unlike her female co-worker, Whitney, or her boyfriend, Josh, who loves romantic comedies. Surprisingly, suddenly, after experiencing a robbery and hitting a pole at the train station hard, Natalie wakes up in a romantic-comedy world that she hates so much. New York City is so beautiful, neat, and fragrant with flowers— flawless. So is everything else. He couldn’t even curse and curse anything in that world, always being censored.

Everything changed completely, like the setting in the romantic-comedy that he often criticized . His simple apartment turned out to be very spacious and luxurious. She meets handsome men everywhere, from doctors who check her health at the hospital to a train station clerk named “Officer Hansom ” (read like the word handsome in English). She is often greeted and lauded as ‘ hi, pretty woman’, even by unknown strangers. His female co-worker, Whitney, turns into his mortal enemy. He suddenly became a ‘famous architect’ in his office. What made the most sense to Natalie was when Blake, a super-handsome-super-rich man who was a client of her office project, fell in love with her—even though previously in reality, she was considered Blake as nothing more than a waitress serving coffee in the boardroom.

Natalie’s entanglement in the romantic-comedy world has become a kind of parody, a satirical critique of most clichéd romantic-comedy patterns. Worth watching. The film Isn’t It Romantic (2019) really flickers us into how imaginative and unrealistic the romantic-comedy world is (with a pattern like that of fairy tales ), then brings us back to grounded in reality (which of course can be happy too): life ordinary and simple, with simple and realistic-logical stories. It’s as simple as that your boyfriend will be your best friend who’s known you for so long and not some super-handsome-super-rich guy who’s come from nowhere. Isn’t It Romantic Film Movie(2019), through Natalie’s story, also reminds her of something more important, which is more important than just finding a lover and weaving a story like a romantic-comedy.

Film Is not It Romantic (2019) is a movie that is entertaining careful with parody and criticism satirnya. The female characters in this film also represent interesting diversity. In addition to Natalie (played by Rebel Wilson) who has a chubby body, she is the main character who is anti-mainstream —the character Isabella Stone who is portrayed as a ‘beautiful creature’ in this film is also played by an Asian woman (Priyanka Chopra) and no longer a white woman. Whitney, who became Natalie’s co-worker, also represented simple women.

Closer to Natalie in Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

Natalie is a woman in her 30s with an ordinary life. He had an average career, but he really liked his job as an architect. He has a simple apartment and a slightly naughty poodle. He has a close female co-worker (Whitney) and a supportive male best friend at the office (Josh). But yes, when it comes to romantic stories, Natalie doesn’t have any stories. Apart from that she doesn’t believe in life stories such as romantic-comedies, Natalie also has a secret problem with her self-image that she hasn’t realized yet. Yes, one of them is because he is fat and he feels that he is not as ‘ideal’ as the women shown in films and media.


—Natalie, on Whitney, in Isn’t It Romantic (2019)
Natalie’s self-image problem is described both implicitly and explicitly. Implicitly, Natalie is not able to appreciate herself so she just lets people treat her badly (as ordered by several people in the office, one of them). Explicitly, she uses words like “not for a woman like me” and feels that she is not special, especially when she compares herself to women who ‘meet the standards of beauty often portrayed in romantic-comedy films’. .

The first message from those closest to him with his cynicism about stories such as romantic-comedies is ‘to open up more’. Who would have thought that when Natalie tried to ‘open up more’ (to the possibility that she is attractive and men are attracted to her), she was robbed by the man she thought was attracted to her. What a nice dark joke. In the end, the film Isn’t It Romantic (2019) managed to package well that what Natalie needed was not merely a matter of ‘opening up more’. Before opening up to a man or a possible romantic story, she needs to appreciate and love herself first. And yes, that’s very empowering.

“Okay, yeah, I’ll never look like her. I love me. Holy crap! I love you! Oh, my God, this whole time, I thought I had to get somebody else to fall in love with me, but I had to love me.”

—Natalie, in Isn’t It Romantic (2019)
After realizing that what he has to do first is love and appreciate himself, he doesn’t want to ruin Josh and Isabella’s marriage in the romantic-comedy world. He also ended his tendency to compete with Isabella for Josh, because the most important thing for Natalie was no longer competing with other women for Josh—but how she wanted to find and choose herself again, which had completely escaped her attention and focus. Natalie managed to escape the trap of the romantic-comedy world and return to the reality of her life. The reality of the slap actually made Natalie happy, much better than being trapped in the romantic-comedy world.

In reality, after Natalie has learned to appreciate and love herself, there is a happy ending for her too. Once she is more secure with herself, Natalie can also open up more to her best friend Josh, who apparently has feelings for her for a long time. So, that’s the reconstruction carried out by the film Isn’t It Romantic (2019) on the pattern of romantic-comedy clichés after criticizing them with satire. Isn’t it romantic?