Is Marcos Rojo the leader Boca needs?


In a drop in performance since Izquierdoz is gone, the defender lives dangerously close to expulsion in each game and is now suspended for accumulating yellow cards. Misunderstood temperament?

When Riquelme decided to hire Marcos Rojo, he looked for hierarchy, experience, a commanding voice for his defense. Neither the vice president nor the Football Council had any doubts: he was going to be the new leader. To fight for the supremacy of the locker room against Carlos Tevez, someone from the other suit, and two guys with enormous ancestry like Carlos Izquierdoz and Lisandro López. A couple of World Cups, his recent past at Manchester United, endorsed the purchase, considered the best in the Argentine transfer market. Today, 15 months after his arrival, the statement could be discussed a bit. In the game and in his role as a reference.

The one the other day, against Central Córdoba, was one of Marcos’s worst games, as his production dropped considerably since he lost Izquierdoz by his side. He was seen lacking timing, slow, suffering from filtered balls, losing in one on one… And he had to be expelled for a kick directly to the body of an opponent that the judge -luckily for Boca- considered yellow. Actually, that’s what happens in almost every game. In the previous one, against Godoy Cruz, they also spared his life in a situation that was a double warning and red. In the last tournament, he left Boca with ten in Núñez when a quarter of an hour had been played, with two almost consecutive fouls . And this time, although he was not expelled, he was stillmust stop due to accumulation of cards. Just at a time when Boca does not have plenty of centrals , precisely. It doesn’t seem, Red, ready to play with VAR. Submitted to the cameras. A while before that card situation, they had charged him a penalty for a slap that seemed more like a stain than a foul, but with each stopped ball he is at the limit.

His arrival at the club did not improve the defense. Boca lost solidity breaking up a duo like López-Izquierdoz , one of the least defeated in the history of the club. Neither Marcos nor Kaiser Zambrano promoted her, presented by Bermúdez as a “true defender” and a “quality player”, both definitions that the Peruvian insists on contradicting in almost all of his performances. Izquierdoz escaped the cleanup-he had a privileged place on the list-, López did not. Boca lost, clearly, because the Council decided to empower the newcomers, conditioning even the technicians (Russo and Battaglia).

But going back to Rojo, the most worrying thing is, in fact, his facet as a leader. Having a temper is not the same as being a bully. Today, Boca pays in the Libertadores the consequences of an intemperate reaction in Brazil, where the drivers failed first (Cascini, Delgado & Cía) and where the players did not help. Neither the soldiers nor the hierarchs. In the punctual case of Rojo, Weigandt -an inexperienced kid- had to snatch a fire extinguisher out of his hands -with which he ran a security man . The upside down kingdom. The man biting the dog.

Off the court, his image is not exactly an example either: if before hiring him, in the midst of a pandemic, he had been seen breaking quarantine to play cards with his friends and smoking, already in Boca he was the protagonist -with Almendra, a sponsored- of a game in the mud played to the limit. Just him who, since he arrived, showed numerous frailties in physical appearance. A leader must not only have charisma, ancestry, temperament, lead by example. He also has to be smart. And in some respects, it becomes clear, the newly elected leader is in Red.