Is it true that Shakira mistreats her employees and has a derogatory attitude? So says a former employee of hers

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During this week the Colombian artist was harshly accused by one of her former employees of being a “diva” artist, since a former employee of the barranquillera accused her of being a “labor exploiter”.

Throughout the years, Shakira ‘s artistic career has achieved great renown worldwide, to the point that she is considered “The Queen of Latin Pop.” All this gained thanks to the great success of her within the public.

Despite these accolades, the artist has not escaped being involved in several controversies, the most recent being about her attitude and personality towards other people. But what many wonder, is Shakira a woman with an air of superiority?

According to the accusations of one of her former employees, Shakira does not allow the workers of her shows to look her in the eye, talk to her and also exploits them at work. These harsh accusations quickly became viral on all networks and are the ones that have made thousands of users analyze Shakira’s form and personality.

Although these accusations are quite strong, it cannot be confirmed that this is entirely true, since previously no employees of the Colombian company had made these accusations. Adding to this that thousands of fans have managed to take pictures of her and have physical contact with the artist, so it sounds somewhat preposterous to say that Shakira “does not allow them to see her in her eyes” without convincing evidence.

And you, do you think that Shakira is also a “diva” artist?