‘Irresponsible’: a fun comedy at Filmin that hits the spot


The first time we saw Julien, he was having breakfast in the kitchen with his mother. There seems to be a problem in his apartment and that’s why he’s back home. We’ll soon find the cake: our protagonist, 31, has been left without a job and without a flat… something that doesn’t seem to worry him much. Thus began ‘Irresponsible’, a French comedy that recently landed on Filmin.

Consisting of three seasons (in Spain only season 1 is available), the series was created by Frédéric Rosset, whose credits include ‘Contact my agent’ (‘Dix pour cent’, COSMO), as a final study project. Luckily, he liked it so much on court that it didn’t take him long to find a way to turn the script into a series.

A series that begins with a double discovery. On the one hand, the mother who finds out that her son is unemployed and returns to his hometown; on the other hand, the reunion between Julien and Marie (Marie Kauffman), his high school girlfriend who will become the bombshell in the protagonist’s life: he has a son named Jacques (Théo Fernandez) … who seems to be following in the footsteps of his long-lost father.


Perhaps the greatest success of comedy is portraying Julien, played by Sébastien Chassegne, as someone else. It’s not an exaggerated sadness (he’s not Michael Scott, for example), not even his (bad) decisions in life are sad. He was someone who hadn’t finished becoming an adult. That he was simply extending the line between a young life and a real adult life.

It makes the protagonist a close person. So much so that, if you are not (or can be) alone, it is that friend . Even with a certain propensity for exaggeration, the script anchors recognizable reality and suffering in the comical overtones it feeds into the everyday lives of our characters and the battle between duty and desire peppered with thousands of excuses to try to escape the masses and out of sight. bad.

With no clear perspective (at least early in the series) that Julien is willing to change, fiction takes us through the various life challenges he faces in his daily life and his new “responsibilities” (if he’s willing to take them).

What we found was a very familiar comedy where we saw everyone’s efforts to make something work. With episodes that are quite light, the script always tries to arouse the sympathy of the audience by providing moments that are quite funny and situations that are slightly exaggerated.

While I think they failed a bit by not trying to develop their character a bit more, I think, at the end of the day, ‘Irresponsible’ is a comedy that does quite well in what it proposes. It’s entertaining, lighthearted, and more than just mouthwatering entertainment to watch this summer.