iQiyi Releases 5 Drama Hits Rankings in January 2023, What Are They?


On Wednesday (26/1/2023), iQiyi released “Top 5 Global Trending Hits in January” via its official Instagram account, @iqiyi. This list contains 5 drama hits globally during January 2023 that aired on the iQiyi platform.

What dramas are included in this list? Check out the following reviews.

1. Flight to You

The Chinese drama Flight to You, starring Tan Songyun and Wang Kai, managed to occupy the first position on iQiyi’s list of 5 global hits Chinese dramas. The drama, which airs with 39 episodes, is an adaptation of Mu Qing Yu’s novel Yun Guo Tian Kong Ni Guo Xin.

Flight to You tells the story of the Deputy Director of the Aviation Department of Lu Airline, Gu Nanting (Wang Kai), and Cheng Xiao (Tan Songyun), a female cargo plane pilot.

Both of them have opposite characteristics. Gu Nanting was strict and disciplined to the point of being nicknamed iron-blooded and devil instructor. On the other hand, Cheng Xiao is naughty and unruly.

2. Unchained Love

In second place is Unchained Love, which ended on January 20, 2023 with 36 episodes. This drama has Dylan Wang and Chen Yuqi as the main characters.

Unchained Love is adapted from the novel Fu Tu Ta by You Si Jie. Tells the story of a woman named Bu Yinlou (Chen Yuqi) who was supposed to be buried with the late emperor, but was saved by Xiao Duo (Dylan Wang).

3. Song of the Moon

Song of the Moon is the next drama on this list. Just like the previous two dramas, this one is also adapted from a novel, namely Ben Yue, written by Shu Ke. This drama ended with 40 episodes on January 10, 2023.

Song of the Moon tells the story of the Moon God Luo Ge (Zhang Binbin) who was stripped of his title and banished from the divine realm by the God Emperor after fighting for the rights of the weak.

Once upon a time, he was forced to fight the God Emperor. This battle cost both sides dearly. The Moon God’s heart was split open by the God Emperor. Meanwhile, the God Emperor was gravely injured.

Before he breathed his last breath, the Moon God used his last divine spirit to construct the Four Seasons Monument which could confine his conscious spirit.

The Three Realms became imperfect. In order for the Moon God to rise, his divided heart must be put back together. On the other hand, Liu Shao (Xu Lu), who was destined to become the enemy of the Moon God, was born with the power of the God Emperor’s Divine Wheel.

4. New Life Begins

The fourth play is New Life Begins. This Chinese drama, which was released with 40 episodes, is based on the novel Qing Chuan Ri Chang by Duo Mu Mu Duo. The broadcast took place from November 10 to December 9, 2022.

It is said that in Xinchuan, girls from all corners gather because of an arranged marriage. The Sixth Young Masters Yin Zheng (Bai Jingting) and Li Wei (Tian Xiwei) who want to get away from the arranged marriage and live quietly in their hometown accidentally meet. The two became close after Yin Zheng became an official at court.

5. Lesson in Love

Finally, there is the Taiwanese drama Lesson in Love starring Tiffany Hsu, Edward Chen and Simon Hsueh. The drama, which airs for 12 episodes, presents a love story about a female teacher, Chen Mengyun (Tiffany Hsu), and a naughty boy student named Zhang Yixiang (Edward Chen).

That was iQiyi’s “Top 5 Global Trending Hits in January”. Of course, you can watch these five dramas legally through the iQiyi platform.