Inviting the Public to Participate in Elections, Kim Jaejoong is Even Blasphemed


Kim Jaejoong recently stole attention because of his post. He uploaded a photo of the ballots for the South Korean presidential election, and invited the public to participate.
The photo was uploaded through Jaejoong’s official Instagram account. In the photo caption, he invites fans to participate in the election.

“Let’s all join the election!” he wrote.

But not long after the post was uploaded, Kim Jaejoong actually flooded with blasphemy from the public. He is considered to have violated election laws because it is illegal to take pictures inside a polling station.

According to South Korea’s election law, taking photos of ballots and publishing them on social media, or sending them via text messages, can carry a penalty of up to 2 years in prison or a fine of up to 4 million Won (approximately IDR 47 million).

The public also flooded Kim Jaejoong’s post with scathing criticism. Many say the idol ignores the election rules that have been set.

“People are now more concerned with showing themselves participating in the election than the essence of the election itself. Elections are a must, not a show off!” commented one netizen.

Regarding this controversy, Jaejoong ‘s side and management still have not made any comments.