Introduction to BTS? Start by reading the wiki and watching the music video

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There are questions in the world that are difficult to answer. How about this question? “If you want to get into BTS, what should you listen to and watch first?”

This is like a request to recommend only a few of the many restaurants around the world that are still emerging. Hundreds of millions of contents related to BTS already exist, and even at this moment, they are being created like the universe is expanding. The reason why I used the metaphor of the universe is because the core of BTS’ content is being created on a platform called ‘Weverse’, which is a compound word of ‘We’ and ‘Universe’. In this universe where tens of millions of people have signed up and are active, more than 10 million pieces of content are created every month, just like new stars are created. In this column, I will recommend introductory videos for general readers, not those who have joined Weverse and actively enjoy fan activities. Ah, I envy people who haven’t fallen for BTS yet. It’s like envying a friend who has a bag full of unopened candy.

Basically, it starts by listening to all the album title tracks and then BTS watching the music video. The easiest way is to search for BTS on ‘Namoo Wiki’ (an online encyclopedia that anyone can participate in editing) and watch the music video while reading it. Once you have mastered the explanations and music videos for the title song on the wiki, the next one is the movie. If <Burn the Stage>, which came out in 2018, contains the growth period of BTS, <Love Your Self> in 2019 captured the Seoul stage as a movie out of tours in 20 cities around the world. The documentary film <Bring the Soul>, released in the same year, is like a guide for understanding BTS in a deeper way. There is also a documentary series with the same title. Lastly, the movie <Break the Silence> contains the history of BTS, who conquered the world with performances around stadiums that accommodate tens of thousands of people, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Brazil, London, France, Paris, and Osaka, Japan.

Don’t miss the awards ceremony stage video. It’s hard to choose because I’ve won so many awards, but I’m going to pick just three. It is recommended to follow the stage of ‘DNA’ at the ‘Billboard Music Awards’ in 2017 and the stage of ‘Fake Love’ in 2018, which captures the historical moment when BTS landed in the United States. The moment the host Kelly Clarkson calls the world’s best pop stars one after another and calls BTS, the auditorium is paralyzed by the shouts of the audience, and the moment the pop stars are surprised is thrilling to watch. And I recommend the ‘Idol’ stage at the ‘Melon Music Awards’ in 2018. How can you describe this performance in words? I do not want to disturb the emotion with such clichéd expressions, such as the meeting of the East and the West, or the harmony of tradition and innovation.
Broadcast appearances are not only in Korea, but also in all major talk shows in the United States, the center of the pop market, so the amount is huge.

From the teaser video where you can see the expression of ‘celeb army’ Emma Stone, who is about to burst into tears with excitement at the thought of meeting BTS in person, the main story and other related videos are lovely. Don’t miss the remake of Coldplay’s famous song ‘Fix You’ by appearing on MTV. In the second half, there is a moment when Jin throws out a creepy high tone, and I think this is what catharsis in the 21st century is all about. Because each member’s character is so clear, a bomb of laughter explodes even when appearing on variety shows.

It’s a pity that there are so many contents that I didn’t mention in a short space. If there is a must-see list of BTS that readers recommend, let’s see it in the comments.

As I am writing this, the news that the new song ‘Butter’ has topped the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ single chart for 4 weeks has come out. From one day onward, the path they walk has been recorded every twist and turns. The records and achievements they have achieved so far are overflowing with excitement, but they do not seem to want to stop yet. When I think of the blood, sweat and tears they will shed to provide us with such amazing content, I even think that it would be good if they took a little rest. Is it the heart of ‘Uncle Armie’? I would like to wrap up the 4th summer special ‘Review’ by writing down the lyrics of the BTS song ‘Not Today’, which I took like medicine whenever I was tired.