Interesting Facts about Guimoon, Kim Kang Woo’s Latest Horror Film


The latest Korean horror film titled Guimoon or Guimoon: The Lightless Door directed by Sim Deok Geun is ready to greet cinema lovers in the country. Guimoon tells of extreme horror in an abandoned training center building in Guisari. This building was abandoned due to a mass murder in 1990.

With Kim Kang Woo as the main actor, let’s take a look at the 7 facts about the Guimoon film below!



1. Synopsis of Guimoon: The Lightless Door
Guimoon tells the story of Do Jin (Kim Kang Woo), a paranormal investigator who is looking for answers to his mother’s death. Apart from him, there are three other stupid students. He goes to the training center to find answers about his mother’s death. Meanwhile, a trio of students head to the training center to shoot a video for a contest.


2. This film tells of horror events in one place and in one night only. Very unique!
“There are many other horror films around the world, but Guimoon has something special. It happened in one place with the existence of the present and the past, as well as many ghosts appearing in it,” explained Kim Kang Woo in an interview with tvN received by IDN Times.

He guarantees, this film will be more tense because the whole incident happened overnight.

3. Guimoon is set in a dark and stuffy building. This admittedly made the actors depressed
Kim Kang Woo also called the atmosphere of the location terrible. According to Kim Kang Woo, this film is not much different from other films. But as an actor, he admits that he has to keep his nerves, because the story takes place in one day, overnight.

“Because the shooting is always in a dark and stuffy building, I often feel very weak and depressed. But after filming, I immediately returned to myself again,” he admitted.

4. The main character, Kim Kang Woo, admits that he doesn’t really like watching horror movies
“Actually, I don’t enjoy horror movies. So participating in this project was a big decision for me,” said Kim Kang Woo.

However, he admits that he has no regrets, even if there is an interesting horror film after that, he is willing to do it again. In preparation, Kim Kang Woo tried to concentrate on every moment during filming. He said he had tried to convey all of Do Jin’s emotions and tension to the audience.

5. Telling the story of the seance ritual, Kim Kang Woo first witnessed the ritual when filming Guimoon
Investigating his mother’s death while performing a seance ritual at the training center, Do Jin, played by Kang Woo, has never seen anything like it before. However, Kim Kang Woo claimed to believe in ghosts even though he had no previous horror experience.

6. This film also stars Kim So Hye, a former member of IOI, you know!
Although Kim So Hye is an actress with little experience in the film industry, Kim Kang Woo praised the former IOI member’s dedication to being able to immerse and express scenes that require dramatic and intense emotions.

7. Viewers can get the maximum viewing experience because Guimoon movies can be watched on Screen X!
Guimoon is the first Korean film to come in 2D, Screen X and 4DX technology formats, you know!

“When you watch it, you can feel like you are walking in the same place as Do Jin and fighting with him more than when watching other horror films. I think that is the most interesting part of this film,” said the 43-year-old actor.

Those are 9 fun facts about Kim Kang Woo’s latest film. Guimoon: The Lightless Door will also air on the tvN Movies channel on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 21:00 WIB.