Inspirational Quotes from Dune Movies, Suitable for Self-Evaluation


Dune is the latest sci-fi film adapted from the book of the same name. This film tells of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), a crown prince who was exiled and forced to survive on a desert planet called Arrakis. Throughout the film we will see the efforts of Paul Atreides to restore honor and rebuild his dynasty.

According to Cheatsheet , Dune is the most inspiring film Timothée Chalamet has ever played. The story is full of very relatable life metaphors .

This film presents a series of dialogues that are full of meaning. Here are seven inspirational quotes from the film Dune that are suitable for self-evaluation.


1. “I can’t be afraid. Fear kills the mind” — Lady Jessica Atreides
Fear is the most basic human emotion. Fear triggers the adrenaline hormone so that humans are more alert and prepare the body to face danger.

Unfortunately, humans were not created to feel fear all the time. Reported by the University of Minnesota , the release of adrenaline inhibits the brain’s processes for rational thinking. The jolt of energy we feel when fear sacrifices our ability to make decisions.

Like a warning, fear is actually a positive thing. Rebuke is something that must be evaluated, but allowing it to dictate our lives at all times can have dire consequences.

2. “Great men are called to lead, not seek them” — Leto Atreides
A person’s position does not automatically turn him into a leader. People who are blinded by ambition and the lure of power do not necessarily know how to use it wisely.

The best leaders are usually reluctant to come to power. Reported by Smithsonian Magazine , George Washington doubted himself as president in public. So, why is it that worthy candidates are always gnawed at by doubt?

Washington is reluctant to lead because he understands his responsibilities. Doubt is a sign that we understand the consequences of something. Doubt is like a whip that reminds leaders to use their position wisely.


As humans, we have the evolutionary advantage of reason. That’s how humans survive and become the most dominant species on planet Earth. We can solve problems, seek truth, and create miracles using rationality.

So far, anything is intellectually debatable. However, it actually shows that our understanding of the world is still limited. Instead of questioning why the waves are rolling so strong, wouldn’t it be better to let the waves wash over us to faraway lands? Let nature open itself to us. What do you think?

4. “Dreams can be great stories, but all important things happen when we wake up” — Duncan Idaho
Reported by the BBC , the average person spends half his life daydreaming. Our daydreams usually contain imaginary scenarios. An illusion created to trick ourselves into feeling better.

Daydreaming can be a way to lighten our load. But keep in mind that daydreaming is not a permanent solution. These scenarios will only be an illusion if we just stand still and don’t act.

5. “You fight when you need to, no matter your mood” — Gurney Halleck
Have you ever been in the lazy phase of doing anything? Most certainly have, because often we give up on our mood .

Yet we must be ready to fight at any time, because the world doesn’t care if you’re in a good or bad mood. The world is indifferent to our feelings and will continue to spin regardless of whether we are left behind or not.

6. “When a gift is no longer a gift” — Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
When the Paul Atreides family is made rulers of the planet Arrakis, their mortal enemy seems calm even though the planet has been taken from them. It never occurred to the Atreides that they were being framed.

This quote is similar to the phrase ‘all that glitters is not necessarily gold’. Everything that seems valuable on the outside can be a disaster in disguise.

Those are some quotes from the Dune movie that can be used as a reference for self-evaluation. Hope it can inspire you, eh!