Influencer Jang Si Nae Clears Up Rumors That Drag EXO’s Chanyeol


The Viral Video Shows A Male Idol Acting Violently Towards The YouTuber But It’s Hard To Tell Who He Is. But Netizens Started Speculating That It Was EXO’s Chanyeol.

After making EXO ‘s Chanyeol misunderstood as a rude idol who cursed him with the middle finger, YouTuber Jang Sinae apologized. He apologized and deleted the video after SM Entertainment released a strong response.

Previously on Channel S’s “Real Granny” which aired on April 26, one of the cast told the story of his wife, a female influencer and popular YouTuber, being abused by a famous idol on the street.

The viral video shows a male idol acting harshly towards her but it’s hard to tell who he is. But netizens started speculating that it was EXO ‘s Chanyeol based on his similar car and hand size.

What’s more, the YouTuber even liked the comments that indirectly mentioned Chanyeol, thus making him misunderstood as a “middle finger idol.”

Then on April 27, SM Entertainment released a strong response. The agency vehemently denied that the idol in question was not Chanyeol and would take strict action against those who spread rumors.

In response, the YouTuber posted a lengthy statement on Instagram on April 28. “I think many people are in a confusing situation, so I want to apologize in advance. I’m posting this explanation to at least clear up the misunderstanding a bit,” he said.

the future,” he continued.

“On YouTube, I make videos based on what I see and feel from my point of view about who the person in the video is. However, the speculative comments posted after watching the video and the stories I mentioned on broadcast about threats while driving started to become the topic of provocative articles, and the twisted rumors are known as the revealed truth, it’s very regrettable.”

I don’t want to harm others from baseless speculation again, so I will delete the video and all related posts from my feed.”

“Once again, I want to apologize to people who experienced inconvenience due to misunderstandings, and I will work harder to communicate more sincerely in the future. Thank you for reading this long post,” he concluded.