Indonesia is in the Top 5 Most Excited Countries About Drakor on Twitter

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Over the past few years, Korean dramas have not only been enjoyed by its citizens. Currently, their popularity has reached an international scale.
The media that is often used by Korean fans to chat about their favorite Korean dramas is Twitter. Not once or twice, a number of Korean dramas have become trending topics after the appearance of new episodes.

Twitter Korea recently released a list of the countries that are the most excited about Korean dramas throughout 2022. Indonesia is included in the top 5 list along with Asian countries and the United States.

The first position for the country that is the most excited about Korean dramas is of course occupied by South Korea as the country that produces the spectacle. The second position is occupied by Thailand, while the third position is occupied by the United States.

The Philippines is in fourth position as the country with the most excitement about Korean dramas. While Indonesia is in fifth position.

In addition to these five countries, Twitter Korea also released a list of countries that entered the top 10. The countries are India, Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, and the UK respectively.

Twitter Korea also released a list of the most talked about Korean dramas on Twitter. The first position is occupied by Snowdrop , which stars Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Right below Snowdrop, there were Twenty Five Twenty One and Business Proposals that managed to make the audience baper. The fourth position is occupied by All of Us are Dead, and Our Beloved Summer in fifth position.

While in the film category, Broker became the most talked about film on Twitter. Another film that occupies positions two to five is Hunt, The Witch: Part2. The Other One, The Roundup, and the Emer