Incredibles 2 Review, Superhero Family Unity Action


Incredibles 2 is the sequel to the second film from Incredibles . Again, played by the Bob Parr family or the Incredibles family. This film is eagerly awaited by fans, especially for old fans, it will definitely be nostalgic.

This film was released on Eid 2018 is a good time for Incredibles 2 . A film that tells about the action of a superhero family that deserves to be watched by you and your family at the moment of Eid.

Incredibles 2 Review
Curious why this film is pretty cool to watch? read the Incredibles 2 review below!

Incredibles 2 Graphics (97/100)
Talking about graphics, Disney Pixar’s animated films don’t need to be doubted. This studio has its own character for animation and it is very detailed. Not only the power of the Incredibles and Frozone families, this time we can see some other Supers.

Incredibles 2 Storyline (92/100)

In terms of story, Increbiles 2 can build a good plot. Starting from the reason why Supers was banned, to the mission to make this superhero welcome back in society. The storyline for the villains is also easy to understand, as it takes revenge when no Supers saves their parents.

Meanwhile, although this is a superhero film that is definitely full of action, Bird the director did not forget to include the most important element in Incredibles, namely family. In this film we are shown silliness and cuteness in their family life.

In this film Helen becomes a key superhero character, while Bob looks after the children at home. Violet has trouble with her love story, Dash is too confused with her math homework and Jack-jack, you know what’s going on.


Incredibles 2 Characters (95/100)
At this time, the existence of a superhero is something that is illegal, this puts Bob and Helen in trouble. After doing the heroic thing to save the city, they are punished for it. But the presence of Devtech became a turning point for Supers’ comeback.

Here Helen becomes a Supers who becomes a role model for society with her heroic actions. Devtech presents a superhero perspective through live footage. And finally the public back to accept Supers. On the other hand, Bob was not chosen to do this task because it caused too much damage, he chose to look after the children. Everyday life would make Bob confused, especially without Helen’s help. Bob must solve Violet’s complicated love story and Dash’s ever-changing math homework. Plus, Jack-Jack showed all his strength.

The Jack-Jack is one of the highlights in this film and many incredible fans are waiting for the action of this cute baby. How come? This baby has a cute stature with thin hair in the middle of his bald head.

In addition, he has a different strength from the others. Without containing elements of spoilers , Jack Jack’s power is predicted to be the strongest if the children in the Incredibles family who will now become the main characters in Incredibles 3 .

Not only that, every time Jack Jack appears on the cinema screen, something funny is bound to happen and the audience is sure to be entertained. If you’re curious, try watching it, guaranteed not to lose, let alone seeing Jack Jack.

Incredibles 2 (90/100) Music
The theme music in Incredibles is still very familiar to our ears. This music fits perfectly with the scene being played. When the scene is tense, the music makes it even more gripping. During action scenes, the music will accompany energetically.