Including the AC Milan duo, this is the best Serie A starting line-up for the first week of 2022/2023


AC Milan have won their first match in the 2022/2023 Italian League. Rossoneri beat Udinese 4-2 at home. These results make Milan is in third position standings.

Apicunha’s achievements in Milan cannot be separated from the slick appearance of the players. Davide Calabria and Brahim Diaz are the two Milan players with the highest ratings in this match. Calabria scored 8.00 points. On the other hand, Diaz scored 7.90 points.

Because of their potential, Calabria and Diaz are included in the list of the best starting line-up for the 2022/2023 Italian League.

In addition to the two AC Milan players, there are other names that are included in the list on the Whoscored page. Who are they? The following is a complete list of the best starting line-ups for the first week of the 2022/2023 Italian League.

1.Wladimiro Falcone – 8,5

The name Vladimiro Falcone appears in the goalkeeper position in the list of the best starting eleven for Week 1 of Serie A 2022/2023. The Lecce man scored 8.5 in his appearance against Inter Milan.

Falcone failed to bring Lecce to a point in this match. In fact, the 27-year-old goalkeeper’s goal has been burglarized twice by Inter Milan players.

Overall, however, Falcone performed well in this match, preventing more goals from being conceded. He made seven saves in that game. In addition, he recorded 5 tackles in this match and kept out the attacks of Inter Milan players.

2.Davide Calabria – 8,0

Davide Calabria occupies right-back position on the list of the best starting eleven on the first day of Serie A 2022/2023. The AC Milan player scored his 8.0 points against Udinese.

In that match Calabria were held tight on the right side of Milan’s defense. Overall in that match, he recorded 6 tackles and 1 interception. He stated that only once was an opposing player passed him.

Meanwhile, Calabria also came in to help Milan attack. He completed his one assist and his two crucial passes against Udinese.

3.Matteo Bianchetti – 7,6

One of the best bastions of the starting eleven on the first day of Serie A 2022/2023 is occupied by Matteo Bianchetti. The Cremona player scored 7.6 points for his performance against Fiorentina.

Although his team lost 2-3 to Fiorentina, Bianchetti played solidly in Cremona’s defence. He has 1 tackle, 1 intercept, 4 clearances and 3 blocks to block his opponent’s attacks.

Bianchetti finished off his fine form with his one-shot record in that game.

4.Rodrigo Becao – 7,5

Rodrigo Becao partnered Bianchetti in the best starting line-up for Week 1 of Serie A 2022/2023. The Udinese player’s performance against AC Milan was rewarded with a value of 7.5.

Beqao was unable to lead his team to a point against Milan. However, the Brazilian defender performed relatively well in this match.

Beqao said in the game he recorded two tackles, one interception and two clearances.

In addition, the 26-year-old scored one of his two goals for Udinese against Milan. Beqao also provided a key pass in the match.

5.Cristiano Biraghi – 7,7

In the left-back division, Cristiano Biraghi is the best starting line-up for Week 1 of the 2022/2023 Serie A. The Fiorentina player scored his 7.7 points against Cremonese.

Biraghi did not score or assist in the match. But this 29-year-old of his stood out for handing out the ball in-game.

Throughout the match, Biraghi recorded his passes in his eight keys. Overall, he recorded 89 accurate passes out of his 99 passes made in this match.

Biraghi is also solid in defense. He had one tackle and two clearances in 90 minutes of play.

6.Hirving Lozano – 7,6

Hirving Lozano has taken the right wing midfielder’s place in the list of the best starting XIs of the first week of Serie A 2022/2023. The Napoli player scored his 7.6 from his presence against Verona.

In that match, Lozano became the creator of his side’s first goal against Verona.In addition to 1 assist, the Mexican scored his 5 important passes in this match. is recorded.

During the match, Lozano also had his four shots. However, none of these four shots hit the net.