Including Ronaldo’s Successor, 3 AC Milan Players Who Could Miss If Gareth Bale Comes


Seeing three AC Milan players who have the potential to become victims and disappear from the starting line-up after Gareth Bale arrives in the transfer market next summer. Including Ronaldo’s successor!

Towards the end of the 21/22 competition, the leader of the Italian League standings, AC Milan, did not seem to be playing around in signing Real Madrid star Gareth Bale.

Rumors from Diario SPORT leaked, if Paolo Maldini was caught in contact with the Welsh player’s agent.

The 32-year-old winger is almost certain to divorce Real Madrid when his term of service expires in June 2022.

Neither Gareth Bale nor Real Madrid reportedly have any intention of discussing a contract extension. The reason is, the former Tottenham Hotspur has minimal contribution.

This season he has only played 270 minutes. Repeated injuries that dragged him out of the starting XI Los Blancos.

In addition to the minimal contribution, Bale is also considered not to be included in Carlo Ancelotti’s tactical plans. Evidently, after recovering from injury he still warms the bench.

That is why both Bale and Real Madrid have agreed to part ways in the summer transfer window.

Although there has been no official statement from AC Milan, if the transfer of Gareth Bale takes place then there will be several Rossoneri players who have to become victims to provide a place for the FIFA Club World Cup top scorer.

Junior Messiah
The first name is Junior Messias. Although the player’s loan contract will expire at the end of the season, there is a chance that AC Milan will make the Brazilian star permanent next season.

Moreover, the appearance of Junior Messias was very impressive with AC Milan with a score of five goals from 24 matches in all competitions.

In fact, Junior Messias also played a big role in helping AC Milan sit at the top of the Italian League standings.

If it is officially made permanent by AC Milan, it seems that the role of Junior Messias in the Rossoneri’s right wing sector will be replaced by Gareth Bale who is indeed a right winger.

Gareth Bale’s experience and winning mentality, seems to be a special assessment and the reason why Junior Messias must be willing to take his place.

If Junior Messias’ contract is not extended and Gareth Bale is officially signed to AC Milan, Bale’s right winger position will certainly be occupied by looking at his track record.

Rafael Leao
Next is Rafael Leao. Although the Portuguese player plays in the left winger position, this post can also be a threat if Gareth Bale arrives.

The reason is, Gareth Bale is also known to be able to play wide on the left by occupying various positions such as left midfielder, left wing to left back.

From this fact, Rafael Leao’s position will also become a victim and disappear from AC Milan’s starting after the arrival of Gareth Bale.

Even though he is no longer young and his speed may be drastically reduced, but Gareth Bale’s accuracy in passing and the winning mentality of Gareth Bale will be very useful in helping AC Milan’s attack line than Rafael Leao.

Ronaldo’s successor is up for sale
In addition, Rafael Leao also has the potential to be released by AC Milan to increase their cash in order to bring in a number of new players including Gareth Bale.

If it weren’t for Rafael Leao, the AC Milan camp would actually have to release a number of their stars this summer if they wanted to bring Bale.

The reason is that with the current salary burden plus Bale’s arrival later, the club’s expenses will certainly swell if there is no reduction in the number of players.

The latest news says, if Barcelona are very serious about bringing Rafael Leao. If it really happens, then AC Milan will get fresh funds plus empty space for Bale’s presence.

Olivier Giroud
Last but not least is Olivier Giroud. Although not a winger, but the striker position can also be a threat if Gareth Bale comes to AC Milan.

The reason is, Gareth Bale is also able to play as the spearhead and has several times succeeded in appearing sharp when he was trusted as a goal getter.

Statistically, Gareth Bale played 36 games as a striker and scored 12 goals and provided 7 assists in all competitions.

From these statistics, it is clear that Olivier Giroud, who is the focus of AC Milan on the front lines at this time, must be wary if Bale really comes.

Moreover, Olivier Giroud’s age has reached 35 years, it seems that the main option for the AC Milan striker later is Gareth Bale, who has more banging power.