In this Spider-Man: Homecoming film, the names of Gwen and Mary Jane were never mentioned by director Jon Watts


Namely, monkey love in high school. The girl he has a crush on is Liz (Laura Harrier). Which, in truth, was his upperclassman. Besides Liz, the female character who will also color Peter Parker’s life is MJ. However, MJ in this film is not Mary Jane, but Michelle Jones (Zendaya). A nerdy girl. Who is very smart and intellectual, but a bit mean to Peter.

In the comic version, two girls who are identical to Spider-Man are Gwendolin “Gwen” Stacy and Mary Jane “MJ” Watson. Gwen, played by Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012-2014), was Peter Parker’s first love in high school. After Gwen died, Peter then formed a relationship with MJ. Which was played by Kirsten Dunst in the Spider-Man trilogy (2002-2007).

Will MJ, played by Zendaya in this latest film version, become Spidey’s love interest? Who knows. To be sure, in this Spider-Man: Homecoming film, the names of Gwen and Mary Jane were never mentioned by director Jon Watts.

Besides MJ, the female character who will also attract attention in Spider-Man: Homecoming is Aunt May. In this Spider-Man: Homecoming film, the character Uncle Ben, Aunt May’s husband, is not mentioned. Maybe he’s dead. The role as a mentor to Spider-Man, in this film, it seems, will indeed be carried out by Tony Stark.

With his appearance that is still very energetic and hot, no wonder, naughty comments have sprung up in cyberspace. In fact, some call her Aunt-May-zing to Aunt MILF.

While attending the gala premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming last week, Marisa Tomei admitted that she had no difficulty playing the character of a young superhero aunt. In addition, he also praised Tom Holland as a fun and easy going actor. Which contains footage of his actions while performing acrobatic somersaults.

Because all the dangerous scenes were performed by stuntmen, Tom Holland was never injured during the shooting of this film. However, that does not mean he is free from accidents.

The story is, one day, after finishing filming and packing his things in a bag, Tom Holland got ready to go home and went down the stairs. However, unfortunately, he missed a step. And, finally, slipped. His ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), aka the ligament that binds his knee joint, was also torn.

That very tight. Underneath the suit, he was wearing nothing. Barely naked. Just a thong. aka g-strings. That clings to his body. So, if it’s hot, Holland can’t just take off his Spider-Man costume. It’s impossible for him to walk around the set in just a thong.

According to director Jon Watts, Tom Holland, whom he found among 7,000 potential Spider-Man cast, is a true Peter Parker. Although still young, Holland is very charismatic. And it is appropriate to compete acting with senior actors such as RDJ and Michael Keaton.

In anticipation of Tom Holland’s bucket mouth, finally, Marvel Studios did not provide a full script for Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Only the scenario that was part of it he was allowed to read. Apparently, Marvel is afraid that the plot of the mega-project will be exposed in the media in vain because of Holland’s actions.