In this Deadpool 2 movie, it looks like Deadpool formed the X-Force


According to Nicieza, there is no one in the world who “knows” Cable better than he does. And the appearance of Cable in this film makes him very happy.

In the Marvel comics series, Cable is the leader of an army of mutants called the X-Force. The first appeared in the April 1991 issue of New Mutants 100 comics. However, in August 1991, X-Force was then made its own comic.

Besides Cable, the original version of X-Force also consists of several mutants. The first is Samuel Zachary Guthrie, aka Cannonball, who can fly at high speed. The second is Gaveedra-Seven, aka Shatterstar, who has the power of shockwaves and teleportation. The third is Tabitha Smith, aka Boom Boom, who is able to create high-explosive energy balls. Then, the fourth, there is also Julio Esteban, alias Rictor, who always wears a green cloth. And, the fifth, Neena Thurman, aka Domino. A mutant with the ability to manipulate opportunities.

However, even so, different from the comic version, in this Deadpool 2 film, it seems, Deadpool who formed the X-Force. Who aims to protect a child mutant: Russell Collins, aka Firefist (Julian Dennison). The one that Cable is hunting for.

In the final trailer for Deadpool 2, which was released some time ago, Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, and his friend, Weasel (TJ Miller), auditioned the candidates for X-Force. In Indonesian Idol style. In fact, there was Wiro Sableng who also registered. I, well, yes. I don’t know if Mz Anang and Mb Titi.

Among the members of X-Force, the most awaited is Domino’s appearance. Which, in this Deadpool 2 film, is played by the beautiful and sexy actress Zazie Beetz. In the comic version, Domino is depicted with short hair. In all black costume. In addition, in his left eye there is also a black tattoo.

In this Deadpool 2 film, Domino is seen appearing in a tight leather costume. Which is also all black like in the comic version. However, the difference is, the upper clothes are sleeveless. Then there is a white tattoo on his left eye. And her hair is afro frizzy.

Domino himself first appeared in the 98th edition of the New Mutants comic, which was published in 1991. However, at that time, it was not Neena Thurman’s character who became Domino, but Vanessa Carlysle. aka Copycat. Which changes his appearance to Domino’s.

Neena Thurman herself just appeared in the 8th edition of the X-Force comic published in March 1992. In the Marvel comic series, it is said, Domino is a member of the X-Force. Who is also Cable’s girlfriend. Both of them joined the Six Pack.

Domino’s relationship with Deadpool itself, it is said, is quite complicated. Deadpool had kidnapped him during the early days of the formation of X-Force. However, despite having personal problems, in the end, Domino’s often teamed up with Deadpool. In fact, he was once the leader of Money. Another group formed by Deadpool.

In the comic version, Domino’s main power is telekinesis. He is able to move objects with his mind and influence the subconscious of his opponent. In addition, Dominoes are also very agile.